Joe Putignano Death: The Author of Acrobaddict Unexpectedly Passed Away At Age 46

Joe Putignano, a former Cirque du Soleil performer and the author of Acrobaddict, passed away on 27 September. The death was announced recently on his Facebook page, which then followed with heartfelt condolences to him and his family.

Who was Joe Putignano?

Joe Putignano was a native of Buffalo, New York. He attended the Empire State University and earned his degree as a registered nurse from the MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2019.

He was a well-known Acrobat, Author, and model. He was widely recognized for his work as a performer of Cirque du Soleil and as an author of ‘Acrobaddict.’ A book in which he expressed the challenges he faced in his acrobatic career with drug addiction problems.

Joe Putignano was also known as the star of the magnificent Cirque show Totem. In addition to his achievements in his career, he appeared in many stage productions with the Metropolitan Opera, and his significant appearance was in Twyla Tharp’s “The Times They Are A’changin.”

Joe was the most cherished and prominent person in the community. People remembered him as the kindest person, and his infectious smile lit up every person’s mood around him. He could turn darker moments into brighter moments with his jokes.

Cause of death

Joe Putignano died on 27 September, and the family members have not disclosed the cause of his death. Joe was involved in drug addiction and had faced tough times in battling addiction. He was also clinically declared dead two times due to the overdoses of the drug, but there is no official news that it played a role in his death. The circumstances have been kept private by the family member.


A GoFundMe has been organized by his coworker Leah Davis to help his family with his funeral and other related expenses.


8090$ has been organized with 100; however, the goal is to reach 10,000$

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