Savukku Shankar’s Death Rumors. Is He Still Alive or Dead?

For the past few days, the internet has been rushed into some rumors that are linked to the death of Savukku Shankar, who is one of the most popular Tamil Investigative journalists. He is primarily known for his essential and exclusive articles that are published on different social media platforms, which are mainly on topics that include social and political issues in the Tamil Nadu region.

We must set the record straight upright that the rumors regarding his death are false.

Fortunately, as he is alive, there is no cause for his death to share, as he is doing great and is active.

False reports

There are plenty of sites that have stated and reported him as dead, not even confirming such news. Sharing someone’s death news is a compassionate thing. There have been many false and fake reports of him being dead. This news is circulating all over social media and causing much confusion and stress among his followers. In such cases, it is essential not to spread or believe any such news that is not authentic or is not being confirmed by any official means.

Adding to this, as these rumors are circulating all over the media platforms, Savukku Shankar, who is alive, didn’t make any statement on these false reports, causing his fans and the public more concerns and confusion.

Being a community, it is our first duty to let down any fake and false news, especially of someone’s death. Unitedly, we need to end these rumors and patiently wait for any official confirmation to come public from Savukku. And must rely on the authentic news that comes from official means.

Who is Savukku Shankar

Savukku Shankar is a very respected Tamil investigative journalist and also a fantastic writer in the Tamil community. Being a journalist, he had made several contributions to his field, which he was very passionate about. When you start reading his articles, you realize how remarkable he is; he has this incredible talent to put his thoughts into words and make them convincing enough for the readers.

His articles, most of the time, included thought-triggering issues such as corruption, political scandals in the region, and not just this but also some other social concerns in the society. In his articles, he gained appreciation as criticism. Adding to this, some people take appreciation with courage but fail when it is time to take criticism, but he, being an extraordinary man, excelled in both. For sure, he will continue doing so and engaging people as he always did.

As he is a person who keeps his stuff confidential and does not share a lot, according to some resources, he has not disclosed his marital status as well.

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