Who was Leslie Jordan Partner? Was Leslie Married at the Time of His Death?

Leslie Jordan is known for his comedic roles. After establishing a strong presence in Hollywood through various TV shows and movies, including his Emmy-winning role in ‘Will & Grace,’ Leslie Jordan‘s personal life has long intrigued his fans.

While Jordan was openly gay, he chose to keep many details of his romantic relationships private over the years. In interviews, Leslie Jordan seldom delved into his personal life. According to a report by Yahoo, the actor, known for his role in ‘Baby Daddy,’ revealed to The Gay Times that he had a boyfriend who proposed to him just three days after their initial meeting.

Leslie’s Relationships

In the interview, Jordan mentioned that he had previously dated straight individuals, with one of those relationships lasting a decade. He also shared, ‘The person I’m currently with is twenty years my junior, yet he’s fond of silver-haired men. For a long time, our relationship remained private, only known online.

Shortly before my trip to London, he flew to LA and proposed to me after three days, to which I said yes. I informed him, ‘I’m going to London for a 30-day trip, and we’ll see where we stand when I return. We attempted to be intimate around ten times, but our conversations always got in the way.

However, due to the geographical distance between us, things didn’t work out in the end.’ In 2021, Leslie Jordan disclosed to radio talk show host Andy Cohen that he had never been on a date and was single.

Leslie Jordan and Danny Thomason were in a relationship, but they were not married. In a February 2022 interview with Pride Source, Jordan mentioned that he had someone new in his life who was helping him regain his confidence in receiving compliments.

It remains unclear whether Danny Thomason or someone else was the actor’s partner. Jordan also shared that his partner encouraged him to accept compliments graciously, a habit he earnestly tried to cultivate. While Leslie talked about his relationship with his partner, he revealed no further information about him, including his name or photographs.

Leslie Jordan, known for his comedic roles in television series like ‘Will & Grace,’ gained immense popularity on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tragically, on October 24, 2022, the actor passed away in a vehicular accident.

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