How Did Chelsie Whibley Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

British TV star Chelsie Whibley dies at 29 of cystic fibrosis: she was told she would not live beyond 16.

British TV star Chelsie Whibley has died at the age of 29. She the actress, best known for starring in Dani’s House and Sadie J, was battling a genetic disease, cystic fibrosis, which left her no way out. Chelsie was rushed to Southampton General Hospital on Saturday and died around 2:45 pm. Her husband broke the news through a heartbreaking post posted on Facebook.

Glynn, 33, wrote these words: “I’m afraid this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. Chelsie took a bad turn this morning. She was rushed to Southampton General Hospital. It is with deep regret that I must inform everyone that our beautiful and dear Chelsie passed away this afternoon at 2.45 pm. ‘ “She was very quick & she didn’t suffer her.” To my splendid inspiring wife: we will always love you ».

Chelsie had previously been advised to place herself in indefinite quarantine because she was considered “at high risk” of becoming seriously ill if she contracted Covid-19. She previously talked about her desire for her to get out of her in order to see her loved ones again.

“It seems to take even more time away from me,” she said. “I know that seeing my friends and family is too dangerous and it might be enough to make my body fall over the edge but on the other hand I don’t know how much time I have and it breaks me to know that I can’t see them”, her words uttered to The Sun before getting worse.

Cystic fibrosis to date has no cure and reduces life expectancy for sufferers. Chelsie previously revealed that doctors had told her she would live to the age of 16.

After challenging the odds, the actress said her lungs had become so badly scarred from the condition that they were only working 25 percent and she was taking 60 pills a day to fight the infection. The actress shared her progress on the YouTube vlog, My CF Life, where she shared updates on living with the disease. In one post, she was seen celebrating her birthday in solitary confinement with her husband Glynn, and her mother Pam, who was allowed to move in with the couple to help with care.

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