Brian Schwab Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

In Blandon, Pennsylvania, a dentist named Dr. Brian Schwab, DMD, has died suddenly. Dr. Schwab, a Fleetwood resident and 1988 Fleetwood High School alumnus is thought to have committed suicide.

Here is another from the neighborhood. Dr. Brian Schwab committed suicide. According to a statement Heidi Wolfe provided with a YouTube video, “Protect your infants.”

“This pedophile got caught on YouTube trying to meet a child for sex. His name is Brian Schwab, and he’s a dentist in PA.

At the office of Shuman & Schwab

(610) 926-1233.”

The specifics of the funeral services may be revealed later.

In 2006, Dr. Brian Schwab earned top honors from Albright College and was a top student at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a clinical associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia’s Department of Preventive and Restorative Sciences.

Dr. Schwab, a Fellow of the International College of Dentists and a former officer of the Berks County Dental Society, is persistently committed to serving the underprivileged by vigorously advocating for the fluoridation of our country’s public water supplies.

Dr. Brian M. Schwab, who lives in Blandon, Pennsylvania, performs dental work there. Along with other areas of dental care, he offers guidance on how to brush correctly, floss, and clean teeth. He also provides advice on how to take care of teeth effectively. Ideally, patients should see Dr. Schwab every six months or twice a year if additional tests reveal no severe issues.

In every way, he was terrific. He and his assistants gave their patients the best possible treatment possible without problems. Another benefit is giving the consumer a little discount if they pay the total cost on the day of service without using their insurance.

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