Cocomelon Net Worth: How Rich Is The YouTuber Actually In 2022?

Do you want to know about Cocomelon’s Net Worth? With more than 124 million subscribers, COCOMELON is the most famous American YouTube channel on Netflix. Twenty songs for toddlers and pre-schoolers are included in each one-hour show.

JJ, his family, and his friends appear in every music video. Many of the songs also do a fantastic job of teaching youngsters how to be kind to others, such as helping a friend or taking care of an animal.

Years active2006–present
GenreEducation, nursery rhymes
OriginUnited States
Annual Income$115.18 million
Monthly Income $7.68 million
Net Worth (2022)$645.01 million

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In Seoul, South Korea, Jay Jeon was born in 1959. He graduated from Sung Kyun Kwan University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications. Jay founded the East-West Film Group in the early 1980s as part of the Goethe Institute.

The majority of their work was devoted to socially conscious films. He edited several foreign film introduction books and the quarterly magazine “Film Language,” which promoted the study and awareness of Korean films.

Jeon run an animated children’s song and nursery rhyme channel called Cocomelon. The channel has over 2.4 billion views each month. According to industry analyst Social Blade estimates, ad income of up to $11.3 million a month might be expected.

The typical Cocomelon video has more views than most of the world’s sports leagues, music singers, and scripted television shows. Only T-Series, India’s most popular YouTube channel, is more popular than YouTube.

Jay Jeon/ photo
Jay Jeon Net Worth

Cocomelon Net Worth & Career

In 2006, a couple from California decided to put their filmmaking, art, and storytelling abilities to good use by creating short movies for their children. To their surprise, the kids liked it, which inspired them to create similar films in the future.

On the encouragement of their church friends, the couple started to post films on YouTube later on in their relationship. Jay Jeon and his wife started a YouTube channel called ThatsMEonTV, which quickly became popular as internet availability rose in various regions of the globe. The channel now has millions of subscribers.

In 2013, the channel was rebranded as ABC Kid TV, which stands for ABC Kid tv. Although their material was already generating millions of views, it was only in 2017 that ABC Kid TV achieved unprecedented levels of success. In only two months after the inclusion of 3D rendered characters into the production, the overall traffic doubled.

The following year, the channel was renamed Cocomelon (Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes) after a popular nursery rhyme. As a result of the enhanced animation, the character JJ was created and quickly became a favorite among youngsters.

His parents and animal pals have added shortly afterward. One of their characters has become a worldwide phenomenon. The couple who began the channel years ago as a pastime is still in disbelief.

How Much Did Netflix Pay For Cocomelon?

Moonbug Entertainment Ltd., the firm behind famous YouTube children’s channels Cocomelon and Blippi, has agreed to be purchased by two former Walt Disney Co. executives in a $3 billion transaction.

How Much Money Does Cocomelon Make?

It’s predicted that Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes brings in $115.18 million in annual revenue. More than 63.99 million people visit Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes on YouTube every day. Every thousand views on monetized channels generate a small amount of cash for the channel’s owners.

Between $3 and $7 may be earned for every thousand views of a YouTuber’s video. Based on these estimations, we can predict that Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes makes $7.68 million a month, or $115.18 million a year.

Some YouTube channels are making more than $7 per thousand views. Advertisement revenues might bring in more than $207.32 million a year for Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes if they make on the high end.

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes Channel Streaming Statistics

Here are the numbers for the previous two weeks, broken down by day. There were no daily views during this period. Views peaked at 170.28M per day during this era. We’ve seen a 2.1 percent increase in weekly viewership and an 8.5 percent increase in monthly audience growth over the prior week.


⦁ On December 21st, $619,241
⦁ On December 20th, $628,971
⦁ On December 19th, $548,251
⦁ On December 18th, $576,680
⦁ On December 17th, $527,262
⦁ On December 16th, $571,098
⦁ On December 15th, $595,753
⦁ On December 14th, $557,660
⦁ On December 13th, $476,688
⦁ On December 12th, $529,255
⦁ On December 11th, $500,355
⦁ On December 10th, $499,758
⦁ On December 9th, $1,098,330
⦁ On December 8th, $1,076,364
⦁ On December 7th, $489,291

Cocomelon Net Worth

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes has a net worth of $460.72 million. Cocomelon’s net worth is unknown; however, Net Worth Spot estimates it at $460.72 million based on the number of views her YouTube channel has had.

However, we only consider one income source in our estimation. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes’s net worth may be larger than $460,72 million. According to specific reports, the net worth of Cocomelon might be as high as $645.01 million.

Facts About Cocomelon

Here are some interesting facts about Cocomelon:

  • As far back as 2006, the idea for Cocomelon was initially put out. To put it more simply, the series was born out of a California couple’s need to keep their children occupied.
  • To think that Cocomelon couldn’t compete with adult programs in popularity. That Cocomelon is very well-liked is a considerable understatement.
  • Even though it’s just a bunch of cartoon youngsters belting out nursery rhymes, the kids enjoy it, and that’s why it’s a hit. Cocomelon not only attracts many viewers but also generates a lot of money.
  •  There are some serious issues addressed in Cocomelon, so it’s essential to have an open mind while watching the program.
  • As with every popular program, Cocomelon has its share of critics. Even though it’s a children’s program, not all children and adults alike will love it.


Who Is Cocomelon In Real Life?

Jay Jeon, the creator of Treasure Studio, Inc., the company that produces Cocomelon, had previously worked as a filmmaker and storyteller.
His wife was an artist for children’s books. YouTube’s most-watched channel in the United States has more than 3.5 billion views per month, thanks to the combined abilities of these two individuals.

Who Is The CEO Of Cocomelon?

Jay Jeon is the CEO of Cocomelon.

Youtube Channel “Cocomelon” Is Run By Whom?

Cocommelon is an American pay television channel owned by NBC Universal Television, and NBC Universal solely distributes the streaming division of NBC Universal in Comcast via entertainment. “Cocommelon” had its UK debut on April 4th, 2021, at Cartoonito.

There are 20 workers listed on Cocommelon’s website. When Wired Magazine spoke to a couple in Irvine who believed they had a link to Treasure Studios, they could not verify that they owned the channel. An Orange County pair was identified as the proprietors of Cocomelon and Treasure Studios by Bloomberg Businessweek in February 2020.

Is Cocomelon Based On A True Story?

No, the ‘Cocomelon’ story is not based on a real event.

How Much Money Do The Creators Of Cocomelon Make?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the brand earns an estimated $120 million every year.

Is Cocomelon Good For Babies?

These music videos are perfect for pre-schoolers and toddlers since they are relatable. He is seen performing typical toddler activities like spending time with his family and resting at preschool. Young children can understand and benefit from the words of the songs since they are slow enough and simple enough that they can comprehend them.

What Makes Cocomelon So Popular?

That’s a big deal in a market as crowded as YouTube’s children’s entertainment. As a bonus, the nursery rhyme “bits” are timed precisely for the YT attention span. Cocomelon’s mesmerizing songs employ the same sound mixing as the rest of the series, further establishing the Cocomelon brand.

Cocomelon Is Named After What?

After learning how much their children liked the animated shorts, they created ABCkidTV in 2006 and uploaded videos. The firm then changed its name to CoComelon since the last term was too “limited” on YouTube.

Why Did The Cocomelon Diss Track Get Deleted From Youtube?

They claimed that “Coco” was banned because it was determined to be “material that targets young kids and families yet includes sexual themes, violence, obscenity, or other adult themes not acceptable for young viewers,” the YouTube team said.

What Kind Of Animation Is Cocomelon?

Traditional nursery rhymes and Cocomelon’s own children’s tunes are both included in the 3D animation videos that the company creates. T-Series is the second most-watched YouTube channel globally as of July 2020 and the most-watched YouTube channel in the United States.

Why Do Many Find Baby Songs So Upsetting?

Many people don’t like it since the song is a little amusing. He keeps repeating the term “baby” throughout the whole song, which is a little irritating.

It has always been the primary purpose of Cocomelon to provide families with engaging and instructive material to make time spent at a public preschool joyful. Through the use of colorful 3D animations and catchy tunes, they have created a universe focused on the experiences of young children.

Pre-schoolers learn the alphabet, numbers, animal noises, and colors with these programs as well. Parents and children may study and play together while watching videos that teach the social living.

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