Stokes Twins’ Net Worth (2022), Income, Bio, & Earnings

Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes are preferably known as Stoke Twins. Stoke Twins are two American twins. They are popular Youtubers and Internet Celebrities. They are known for their vlogs and TikTok videos. Stokes Twins’ net worth is $5 Million. 


What are Stokes Twins’ real names?

The Stoke Twins are American-based brothers Alex and Alan. 

The Stoke Twins belong to the Chinese and Caucasian descent; they were born in China and were brought up in the USA. The Stoke Twins were born on November 23, 1996, and are 26 years old. 

Are The Stoke Twins Chinese?

Ethnicity: The Stoke Twins were born in China on November 23, 1996. Later they moved to Tennessee, USA. Currently, they are residing in California or Los Angeles. 

Who is older, Alan or Alex?

 Alan and Alex were born as twins. According to our reports, Alan is two minutes younger than Alex. We have no information about their parents and other siblings.

Real Name Alex and Alan
Date Of Birth November 23, 1996
Place Of Birth China
Age 26
Place Of Birth Hollywood, Florida
Education N/A
Zodiac Sagittarius
Occupation YouTubers, TikTokers
Nationality Chinese
Religion Christianity

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Early Life/Education:

We have no personal information about the twins’ early life. Furthermore, our database does not contain any early and high education information.

Even the Stokes Twins have not disclosed anything about their early life. It seems that the Twins like to keep things private.

Stokes Twins’ Net Worth & Career:

The Stokes Twins did not plan to jump into the Youtube Bandwagon. They started making videos separately, and eventually, after some time, they combined their following into a sharing account and decided to name it the Stoke Twins. 

The Twins worked day and night to focus on their Youtube Careers. They worked hard to make their TikTok videos reach our foryoupage. Their video collection includes pranks, vlogs, reactions, dancing to viral hits and challenges. 

In 2017 as a collaboration, the twins also joined a Youtube channel called Sunset Park. They met Andrew Davilla. The three become excellent friends. Stokes Twins stayed with Andrew Davilla for a year before taking a little break from Youtube. During the break, the fans missed the twins badly; in short, they created huge popularity through social media platforms. Their comeback was much more potent; Brent Rivera offered the twins to be a part of his Youtube Channel, Amp World. Andrew Davila was also a member of the Amp World. Other members include Alexa, Pierson, Lexi Hensler, Jeremy Hutchins, Dom Brack, Ben Azelart, and Rivera.

Their channel welcomed a huge number of new subscribers. They were not just fantasizing but were also earning and living the life of their dreams. Alan and Alex also have another official youtube channel named” Stokes Twins Too”. 

They also have their online merchandise shop “Double Trouble.” Where they sell high-quality merchandise, including sweatpants and hoodies.

Current Channel Statics:

Channel Name Stokes Twins
Total Subscribers 10.9 Million
Total Views 1,615,438,508 views
Number of Videos 196

What is Stokes Twins Net Worth?

Stokes Twins’ net worth are estimated to be $5 Million. The Stokes Twins have been making a large sum of money through their Youtube channel. Many of their Youtube and TikTok videos are viral. In short, the Stokes Twins Youtube account is one of the fastest-growing Youtube Channels.

We are figuring the Stokes Twins’ annual and monthly income. According to our expert’s prediction, they might be making six digits through social media. At the same time, Stokes Twins’ real income statement is not verified.

Net Worth (2022) $5 Million
Annual Income $1.2 Million
Monthly Income N/A
Income per day N/A

Stokes Twins’ Net Worth Growth

Net Worth 2021 $4 Million
Net Worth 2020 $3 Million
Net Worth 2019 $2 Million
Net Worth 2018 $1 Million

How much does Stokes Twins Earn? 

No correct figure is verified because no one on the internet knows the real figure of the money they make through their youtube channel and other social media platforms. Apart from digital media, the Stokes Twins also make a large amount through public events. They demand an arm leg from agencies. 

According to our estimate, the Stokes Twins might be making $1.2 Million a year. Our experts on our website predicted that the rapid increase in their popularity has also increased their six-digit bank balance. 

Their Youtube Channel attracts 20 Million views in a month and 700 thousand views each day. The channel’s current subscribers are 10.9 Million, with 196 videos. Great Youtube channels like Stoke Twins also earn money through video ads. Their channel serves video ads for every thousand video views. On the other hand, if we look at the algorithm of Youtube, Youtube makes $3 to $7 for every one thousand video views. Our experts think that the Stokes Twins might be making $80 thousand in ad revenue a month or maybe more than that. 

However, The Stoke Twins makes $1.2 Million every year; this could increase to $2.15 million a year through video ads.


Did the Stoke Twins lose a parent?

Yes, the Stoke Twins lose a parent. The news was shared on their channel, where they spoke about their experience after losing one parent—our deepest love and hugs to the Twins.

Does Alex and Alan Stokes have a sister?

Yes, Alex and Alan Stokes Twins have a sister.

Who is taller, Alan Stokes or Alex Stokes?

Alex is taller than Alan as Alex is 6 feet 1 inch, whereas Alan is 6 feet. The twins have straight brown hair coupled with brown eyes.

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