Diana And Roma Net Worth (Updated 2023) Earnings, Salary, Wiki

Diana And Roma net worth in 2023

You might be asking, how much money does Diana Roma Show have? Or perhaps you’re curious about Diana and Roma’s net worth. Although we can never be positive of the precise quantity, this is our best guess.

I’ll share an eye-opening piece of information about his stunning life and lifestyle, including Diana And Roma’s net worth. Monthly. How much Diana And Roma earn from youtube? and many more facts that are going to shock you. Are you getting excited? So, let’s break the ice.

Hundreds of young kids throughout the world, with the help of their parents, create videos, channels, and schemes worth millions of dollars each year on YouTube. Diana, her brother Roma are one of them. The estimated Net Worth of Diana And Roma is $300 Million USD.

Diana, a little YouTube star, is already well-known to many parents. Diana’s celebrity is related to a lot more than just one program. She’s on 14 networks, has been translated into nine languages, and has only racked up billions of views this year.

Quick Summary Biography & Wiki

Name Diana and Roma
Full Real Name Eva Diana and Roma
Diana’s Age Seven years
Roma’s Age Eight years
Diana’s Height 3 feet and 5 inches
Roma’s Height 3 feet and 8 inches
Diana’s Date of Birth 16 March 2014
Roma’s Date of Birth 22 October 2012
Profession Youtuber
Country Ukraine
Nationality Ukraine
School Homeschooled
Qualification School Student
Net Worth  $300 million

Diana And Roma Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023 $300 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $100 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $50- $70 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $40 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $10 Million
Net Worth in 2018 Below $5 Million

About Diana And Roma

Diana and Roma are among the world’s largest and most popular YouTubers. Rome is Diana’s elder brother. The complete actual name of Diana is Eva Diana, born on 16 March 2014, while Roma was born on 22 October 2012.

As of 2023, Diana is seven years of age with three feet and five inches tall, Roma is eight years of age with three feet and eight inches tall.

Parents and Siblings of Diana and Roma

Diana and Roma were born and raised by wonderful, caring, supporting, and inspirational parents. Vladimir Kidisyuk is their father’s name, and Elena is their mother’s name.

Background In Education

Diana and Roma are both students in primary school. They are both homeschooled, which allows them to concentrate on youtube material while still studying. They’re both great musicians. Drawing and storybooks are Diana’s favorite subjects, whereas Roma excels in arithmetic and enjoys solving problems.

Diana And Roma Net Worth
Diana And Roma /Photo

Diana And Roma Net Worth & YouTube Channel

Diana’s “Kids Diana Show” YouTube channel has over 66.5 million followers. The “Kids Roma Show” channel on YouTube has over 11.8 million subscribers. They produce films on reviews, vlogs, role-playing, children’s songs, and playing with her family and friends, among other things.

Kid’s Diana Show is Ukraine’s most subscribed YouTube channel and the 4th largest child’s category channel. They have worked on famous children’s networks such as Nastya, Vlad, and Nikita. She has six diamond play buttons spanning 14 channels with a membership of 143 million and over 5 billion views a month.

Over the last two weeks, Kids Diana Show has maintained its position as the number one most visited channel in the US and the second-most seen channel globally, the world’s second-largest, with 61 million subscribers. The flagship has been 2.5 billion views monthly in the past few weeks.

Diana And Roma Net Worth 2023 & Monthly Income

In 2023, the Kids Diana Show is valued at over $100 million, while the Kids Roma Show is valued at over $15 million. The Diana show for children makes about $25 million every year. Every month, the Diana Roma Show channel on YouTube receives around 104.82 million views. For every thousand video views, a channel that is monetized by advertisements receives money. YouTubers may get between $3 and $7 per thousand views on their videos.

Based on these figures, we can calculate that Diana Roma Show makes $419.28 thousand each month, or $6.29 million per year. However, our estimate may be low. Ads may bring in over $11.32 million per year if Diana Roma Show earns better than expected.

However, it’s uncommon for a channel’s revenue to come from a single source. Sponsors are common among successful YouTubers, and they may boost their earnings by advertising their items.

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Where Do Diana And Roma Live?

She initially comes from Ukraine but is currently living in the United States with her Roma brother, the star of his successful Kids Roma program on YouTube, and Elena and Volodymyr’s parents, who do not use her surname for privacy issues.

What Do Diana And Roma Parents Do For A Living?

The family had no idea that their videos would acquire such a large following or lead to establishing a business. “We were ecstatic and happy when we watched Diana and Roma’s channels reach 100,000 and eventually a million subscribers,” Elena says.
They were able to quit their job immediately and spend more time as a family. The family also enjoys conversing with their ever-increasing fan base.

Diana and Roma: A Few Facts

  • The Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, and Portuguese versions of the Kids Diana Show are also available.
  • The Kids Diana Show YouTube channel is affiliated with the Pocket Watch media business.
  • Roma’s YouTube channel, “Kids Roma Show,” is also exploding.
  • Eva Diana enjoys traveling and eating fresh fruits.
  • Roma has a fantastic sense of humor, even at such a young age.


Kids Diana Show is Ukraine’s most subscribed YouTube channel and inspires playing all across the world. The children’s entertainment channel has struck the masses of YouTube with a booming feeling without lack of pink, pink, plush, princess enchantment, or sibling mishaps.

The siblings are aware of the kindness that makes you like another child with contagious enjoyment and energy.

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