[Videos] Shooting in Zapopan: Aggressors Carried Long Weapons And Tactical Vests

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that they have already deployed operations in the area to find those responsible; at the moment there are no links between this attack and the murder of Aristotle Sandoval

Update: Shooting In Zapopan Between Police And Armed Civilians

The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office offered details of the shooting that broke out around noon in a restaurant in the municipality of Zapopan, which left at least three injured and, apparently, one person deprived of his liberty.

Gerardo Octavio Solís, the state prosecutor, led the conference in which it was indicated that in the attack, at the Los Otates restaurant, a group of between 10 and 15 people participated, who arrived at the place in at least four vehicles: one white truck, a Honda, a Spark, and a VW Amarok.

According to the prosecutor, there was an exchange of shots with the people who were inside the premises, who were distributed at two tables.

The attackers wore tactical vests and long weapons; after the attack, some 100 short and long arms casings were counted both inside the place and on the outskirts. The gauges are believed to have been 9 and 23 millimeters.

A policeman who was on his rest was near the area and upon hearing detonations he initiated a series of shots against the subjects, as he thought it was an assault.

The prosecutor confirmed that two employees of the place were slightly injured by splinters.

“In a preliminary way, the information that a person may have been taken,” he added, without confirming the information so far since a complaint has not been filed and the person who would have been deprived of his / her freedom.

Videos recorded by citizens near the crime area were shown by the authorities to indicate that a person could have been put into one of the vehicles, while a member of the aggressor group would have been taken in a white pick-up, because shortly afterward he was located in a hospital near Avenida Patria, now dead.

It was reported that several operations are already being deployed in the area, to locate this group.

Apparently, the confrontation would have been between two criminal groups.

The procedure to access the videos from the C5 cameras is also being carried out.

When asked if this event would be related in any way to the murder of former governor Aristóteles Sandoval, which occurred in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in December 2020.

“At the moment there are no links with the Aristóteles Sandoval case,” authorities responded.

In one of the videos that have circulated the most in networks of the moment of the attack, the anguishing narration of the witness can be heard, who – apparently – was in a place in front of Los Otates.

Dozens of patrols from the Zapopan Police, the State Police, and the National Guard arrived at the scene of the confrontation. Real Acueducto Avenue, which is barely a couple of blocks long, was closed to traffic, and the area is protected by the authorities.

Ambulances that also arrived at the scene picked up the injured people, presumably unrelated to the conflict.

Until now, the identity of the person who was apparently kidnapped, or of the injured, is not known.

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