Sylvia Pasquel Denies The Death Of Silvia Pinal

After some rumors about the state of health of the Mexican film diva, it is her daughter who clarifies how her mother is.

Sylvia Pasquel, daughter of Silvia Pinal, denied through her social networks that the Mexican film diva has died, as rumors began yesterday, Friday, June 18 on social networks.

n a 55-second video, the member of the Pinal dynasty assured that she is very sorry to have to go out to deny this type of news, but assured that what is said about Silvia Pinal is false and that the actress is in perfect condition. Health. She even detailed that the famous is celebrating the birthday of her great-granddaughter, Michelle Salas.

“Friends, what a pity that I have to make this video to deny what is circulating in the networks, about the death of Mrs. Silvia Pinal; This is not true, my mother is perfectly healthy, she is currently celebrating her birthday with her great-granddaughter Michelle and Camila, and Stephanie, they are all together in a restaurant eating and celebrating. My mother is better than ever, she is beautiful, she is beautiful, she is healthy ”, affirmed Sylvia Pasquel through her social networks.

Likewise, Sylvia Pasquel assured that her mother is better than ever and surrounded by the love of her large family, who are always watching her.

“She is living these wonderful moments of her life and above all with love and in the company of her entire family, so do not believe those lies and how bad the people who invent such unpleasant news are. There is Silvia Pinal for a while so don’t worry and stop inventing those ugly things. He’s not a father, ”she said in the video that was shared on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

This week Michelle Salas, who lives in Madrid and New York, arrived in Mexico City to celebrate her 32nd birthday with the Pinal dynasty. Last weekend, it girl offered a party in Acapulco, whose theme was the 70s and which was attended by the best friends of Stephanie Salas’s daughter.

Given the recent scandals in which the Pinal dynasty has been involved, such as the Luis Miguel bio series that, in its second season, left her own daughter Michelle in a very bad way; In addition to the problems between Alejandra and Enrique Guzmán against Frida Sofía Moctezuma, it is known that in order not to alter the emotional state or the health of the Mexican film diva, the family has not let her know what happens with said members of the numerous and famous family of artists.


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