Jessica Díaz Denied Relationship With Chiquis Rivera’s Ex-Husband

The rumor about this alleged courtship began in mid-May through an Instagram story

Through an interview, this singer clarified that she is not in a love relationship with Lorenzo MéndezChiquis Rivera’s ex-husbandIn conversation with the YouTube program Gossip no likeJessica Díaz denied the rumors that emerged a month ago.

The actress also admitted that in reality, the relationship she has with Lorenzo is one of friendship, she also denied that the vocalist of La Original Banda El Limón had tried to conquer her, as he had no romantic intentions with her.

The live broadcast of Chisme no Like occurred from Mexico City with the conductors Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani, although the rumors of the alleged courtship began in mid-May, it was not until this conversation that Jessica spoke on the subject.

During the interview, Jessica said she was happy with her singleness and admitted that at the moment she is at peace with her individuality, but she did not rule out being willing to fall in love again as she did with the soap opera actor, José Ron.

Jessica Díaz and Lorenzo Mendez
Jessica Díaz and Lorenzo Mendez/ Photo

It was a temporary Instagram story that unleashed various comments where people assured that Jessica Díaz and Lorenzo Méndez were in a relationship and that in the recording they were joking with some confidence in mid-May.

In the publication, she expressed that she was very happy to meet again with a great friend who was visiting Mexico City :

“Guess who’s in CDMX,” she told her more than 500,000 followers, later she turned her cell phone to show Lorenzo, the lead singer of the band genre group.

Later in the video, she revealed more details of the exit, as it was noted that they were in a restaurant in the capital and also evidenced the peculiar debate they were having about a Mexican dish “Does the quesadilla have cheese or not? laughs

Among the comments of the publication were many comments from people who assured a possible romance and even compared the singer with the artist’s former partner, that is, Chiquis Rivera :

Some of the messages that filled the comment box were: “You can see the chemistry between them”, “A thousand times better than Chiquis”, “She is very pretty, I like you Lorenzo” as well as “They look cute together, hopefully, and Yes”.

Jessica Díaz’s career is made up of various unitary programs as well as several musicals, some of them are Rock of Ages México, where she gave life to Sherrie, participated in various chapters of both Como Dice el Said and La Rosa de Guadalupe.

The original artist of Sinaloa is 29 years old and was graduated from the Center for Arts Education (CEA) of Televisa , however, has also been dedicated to music, her most recent covers were Zombie by The Cranberries and the tequilera of Angela Aguilar.

Although they are currently no longer in a relationship, the couple of Jessica Díaz and José Ron confirmed their courtship through social networks in March 2020.

Through a message on his Instagram account, to congratulate Díaz on her birthday, the soap opera actor Ringo decided to make his engagement public: “Today is a wonderful day, bunny @jessicadiazmx … today I celebrate your life. I celebrate being able to share this special day with you but not only as friends but now with a different love. A stronger love, “wrote the Mexican actor at the beginning of his publication, who has already received more than 100,000” likes “on the social network.

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