Internet Users Accused Pita Saavedra Of Sexually Abusing Chiquis

A new controversy began to surround the Rivera family after Pita SaavedraJenni Rivera’s aunt, was pointed out by her own son, Sebastián, of allegedly having raped a girl, for which followers of the dynasty have come to the conclusion that it is about Chiquis, who spoke of the abuse more than five years ago.

This Thursday in an interview for El precio de la fama, Sebastián declared that several years ago he found out that his mother had sexually abused a girl. ” My mother abused an 11-year-old girl, ” he said.

After the interview took hold on social networks, Pita posted a video on her YouTube channel where she defended that she would never harm a girl and that she could be accused of anything, less than being a rapist.

She also sent a message to Chiquis, to whom she asked for help denying the conjectures that Internet users had made about the alleged abuse that the singer would have suffered at the hands of her great aunt. “Chiquis, I ask you, I implore you to come out and defend me,” Saavedra said.

 Pita Saavedra

The aunt of the “Diva de la Banda” assured that there is a very good relationship between Chiquis and her, even letting it be known that both have a great appreciation for each other. She also stressed that she had to stop working because she cannot stand the attacks she is suffering on social networks.

In 2015, Jenni Rivera’s daughter said in an interview with María Celeste for Al Rojo Vivo that she had been abused by a woman very close to the family, whose name she did not want to reveal.

“I do not say the name of this woman, I feel that it is not necessary. But I feel that it is important to tell that part of my life because it is important; it is part of the puzzle of everything that happened between my mother and me ”, declared Chiquis.

Chiquis Rivera
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In the interview, the singer would talk about what she recounted in her book, about how she was sexually abused by her father since she was very young, but she also decided to uncover this part of her life that also tormented her for a long time.

“I was getting confused in my sexuality and it was getting very angry. I was very confused if I liked men or women. But I know, I like men, ”said Chiquis. At first, after her statements, it was thought that the person she was talking about was a well-known jeweler, but the singer has never wanted to deny the information or give names.

Between Sebastián and her mother there was not a good relationship since she took him out of her house, therefore and due to the controversies in which the Rivera family has recently been involved, the young man was invited to speak about her version of what what’s going on inside the dynasty.

As her statement began, she could not keep saving this sensitive information for her, less when Pita had been the center of attention talking about Jenni Rivera’s inheritance.

So far, the singer has not made any statement regarding what Sebastián or Pita Saavedra said.

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