Survivor Mexico 2021: They Reveal A Strong Fight Between Two Members For Food

The next episode of Survivor Mexico will have a strong dispute over supplies between two female participants

Survivor Mexico 2021 already had its first elimination in Sunday’s edition. The journalist and reporter, Gabo Cuevas, left the competition beaches after losing the Extinction Game to Bella de la Vega. The competition will start to heat up starting with your next show.

After a controversial elimination and many crossings between participants, now it will be time for a new test for supplies next Wednesday. Let’s remember that Survivor is neither Monday nor Tuesday since in its schedule TV Azteca prioritizes the broadcasts of La Voz México.

So we will have to wait to see Survivor Mexico again, but in the last hours, some details have been known of what will happen this Wednesday where the Jaguares and Falcons tribes will fight for food supplies, which will help their survival.

This duel for supplies will consist of a competition where the athletes must catch objects through a pole with nets as if they were lacrosse sticks (sport). In this battle, there will be many frictions and even a strong fight starring members of both tribes.

Fight for food supplies

According to the spoilers, participants Aranza Carreiro from the Jaguar tribe and Adianez Hernández de los Halcones will have a strong fight that will not go unnoticed and that promises to make noise in the competition for food.

Both actresses would have had a shoving encounter and that will be warned by television cameras. Apparently, there will also be a moment of crosses once they have the opportunity to speak with the driver Carlos Guerrerothe ‘Warrior’.

In the spoilers, another competition of strength is also highlighted where Sargento Rap and Jorge Ortín will stand out for their skills against the rest of the competitors.

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