Singer Charlie Amarante Died Yesterday Sunday In Moca

Charlie Amarante, who was the vocalist of the Luis Ovalles Orchestra, passed away last Sunday night in Moca.

The sad news was confirmed to Listín Diario Luis Ovalles: “He died last night (Sunday) according to what his sister, who lives in Moca, tells me.”

Charlie, who was nicknamed “Chelo”, was part of the Maestro Luís Ovalles Orchestra for many years and in his voice, the songs “Se fue la luz”, “La Fosforera”, “Se sinde el barco”, were great successes. “The funnel law”, “The vagabundo”, among others that today are classics of merengue.

“Charlie was a brother, all the issues that had a certain relevance I gave it to him. I put him as the main vocalist because his loyalty was with me at all times, ”recalled Ovalles, whom he describes as a brother.

Amarante, who happened to reside in Moca, spent his last years battling alcoholism.

“Alcohol was his vice, I could never control it, nobody could. We admitted him to a health center, I looked for a psychiatrist to treat him. Luis Montalvo attended him and not even he could. Then he went to Moca, there we fixed up his house, but he continued drinking, “said Luis Ovalles.

A few years ago, Amarante was rescued from the clutches of alcohol by the then Minister of Education, Carlos Amarante Baret, who took him through a detoxification process and later employed him in the security area of ​​a school in Santo Domingo.

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