Survivor Mexico Will Have A Special Schedule For The Broadcast Of Miss Universe 2021

Survivor Mexico live

The 69th edition of this beauty pageant will take place on Sunday, May 16 This reality show has two schedules in Azteca Uno: Sunday is dedicated to the qualifying rounds while from Wednesday to Friday the episodes focus on the Halcones and Jaguares competitions. During the week the program is broadcast from 7:30 to 10:30 and on Sundays at 8 at night, however, next May … Read more

Survivor Mexico 2021: They Reveal A Strong Fight Between Two Members For Food

Survivor Mexico 2021

The next episode of Survivor Mexico will have a strong dispute over supplies between two female participants Survivor Mexico 2021 already had its first elimination in Sunday’s edition. The journalist and reporter, Gabo Cuevas, left the competition beaches after losing the Extinction Game to Bella de la Vega. The competition will start to heat up starting with your next show. … Read more

Survivor Mexico: How Much Will The Prize Be For The Winner

Survivor Mexico

The contestants will demonstrate their physical and mental resistance to get out of the fight well Six days after the premiere of Survivor México VIP, the host of this survival program, Carlos “Warrior”, revealed for Venga la Alegría that the prize that celebrities will pursue is 2 million pesos; He also spoke about the qualities that the contestants should develop. “24 participants, … Read more

Survivor Mexico 2021: What Happened At The Start Of The season

Survivor Mexico 2021

This program premiered on Wednesday, April 7, Sundays will be eliminations After months of waiting for the new season of this reality show, the survival battle between the two tribes began on Wednesday, April 7, unlike other occasions, in this edition there are 24 contestants divided between Jaguares (yellow) and Halcones (green). ). The beginning of this contest that will test the physical … Read more

Survivor México: Everything You Need To Know About Daniel Cortés

Daniel Cortés

Daniel Cortés is one of the members of Survivor México and was chosen by his peers as the leader of the Jaguares tribe. Before joining Survivor México, Daniel Cortés has worked as an actor, driver and health coach. Daniel Cortés from Survivor México is 42 years old and trained as a fitness specialist in a self-taught way … Read more

Survivor Mexico 2021: Azteca Uno Broadcast The First Chapter Of The New Season

Survivor Mexico 2021

Under the leadership of Carlos ‘Warrior’ Guerrero,  Survivor Mexico began a new adventure on the Azteca Uno screen. Survivor México premiered its new season tonight via Azteca Uno, which promises to offer action and drama from the Dominican Republic. 24 participants will face the toughest tests of naturalization in order to be crowned champions and win two million pesos. Find out more … Read more