Rodrigo Mejia, A Famous Televisa Actor Died

Rodrigo Mejia, the famous  Mexican actor from Televisa, died at the age of 45. The interpreter participated in several successful Televisa soap operas, such as El secreto oculto, Mundo de fieras, Fuego en la sangre, and Cuidado con el Ángel. We tell you what we know about the death of the famous.

Actor Rodrigo Mejia died due to complications caused by covid-19, it was confirmed this Friday through the program Venga la Alegría of Tv Azteca.

“The National Association of Interpreters communicates the sensitive death of the interpreter partner Rodrigo Mejia. Mexican actor remembered for his participation in the television melodramas El secreto oculto, Mundo de fieras, Fuego en la sangre, and Cuidado con el Ángel. To his family and friends we send our deepest condolences on behalf of ANDI’s Board of Directors and Oversight Committee, ” the message reads.

The news was also confirmed by journalist Pati Chapoy and Ventaneando on Twitter, where they expressed their support for Gaby Crassus, who belongs to the ranks of TV Azteca.

Rodrigo Mejia Died
(Poto: Instagram Gaby Crassus)

“Dear @gabycrassus I am sorry for what you are going through. I hug you. RIP Rodrigo Mejia your husband, “wrote the Mexican journalist on her social network.

The TV Azteca entertainment program reported that Rodrigo Mejia died in Mérida, Yucatán.

After the sad news was known, several personalities of the Mexican celebrity spoke and remembered the actor who gave life to Nelson Acuña in the soap opera Care with the angel, next to Maite Perroni and William Levy.

One of the first to express himself was the actor and singer, Mauricio Martínez, who highlighted the reasons why he will always remember Mejia.

“So I will always remember you, my Ro. What a deep sadness to learn last night of your departure. You have always been a great partner and best friend since we started this career together so many years ago. All my love to your family. What a tragedy. Please wear face masks, “he commented on his Twitter account.

Adrián Patiño, Héctor Navarro, Maggie Hegyi, Marta Guzmán, Linet Puente and Jimena “La Choco” Pérez expressed their condolences to the actor’s family and stressed that now Rodrigo Mejia will be an angel for his family, especially for his wife Gaby Crassus and the two children who procreated together.

In the last issue of Ventaneando they spoke of the deterioration in Rodrigo Mejia’s health but did not give more details about any illness.

Rodrigo Mejia Died
Several personalities sent their condolences to Gaby Crassus and the two children they had together. (Photo: Rodrigo Mejia’s Instagram)

“ We want to send a huge hug and a kiss to our dear Gaby Crassus, a great friend, and companion of a long time, for the moments she has been living and for which she is going through at this moment. We wholeheartedly hope that everything is solved, that everything is for the better, and that this miracle is achieved. A hug also to Rodrigo Mejia, her husband, and may everything be very well from the Ventaneando team, who will always absolutely respect the decision of our friends and loved ones, ”Daniel Bisogno mentioned on the air.

The pronouncement of “El Muñe” was supported by the head of the program, Pati Chapoy, who also sent a kiss to the host of Al Extremo.

So far the host of the TV Azteca program has not commented on anything on her social networks.

Rodrigo Mejía also participated in the melodramas ‘Mundo de fieras’ (2006), ‘Fuego En La Sangre’ (2008) and ‘El Secreto Oculto’ (2003).

ANDI also sent its condolences to the actor’s family and friends.

Rodrigo Mejía made his last post on Instagram on January 7. He presumed that he had “climbed pyramids” in Yucatan.

Rodrigo Mejia Died
Rodrigo Mejia still made some posts on Instagram a few weeks ago. (Photo: Rodrigo Mejia ‘s Instagram)

Rodrigo Mejia still made some posts on Instagram a few weeks ago. In one of the last, he documented one of his last walks through Mérida, Yucatán, and in another his coexistence with his children.

Rodrigo Mejía was married to Gabriela Crassus, host of Al Extrema de Azteca, and from their relationship Matías and Mauro were born.


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