James Charles bet on a new look that shocked the entire internet. The influencer is bald.

The makeup king had already warned his followers that he had made a change in his hair, posting Stories on his Instagram where he hid what he had really done, with the caption: ” Wait until you see what I did with my hair

Later James was spotted arriving at the BOA restaurant in Los Angeles, and when he got out of the car he presented his new, bald look.

It was a big dispute between the paparazzi to make that first click of the influencer with the new look and of course, many questions arose, including whether he had really shaved or whether it was some kind of trick.

James Charles bald look

James: “I’m trying something new”
Paparazzo: “Did you shave your head?”
James: “Yes, did you like it? This is my new look ”
Paparazzo: “Is this real or …?”
James: “It’s real”

Knowing James and knowing how amazing he is in makeup, even though he says he really shaved his hair, we are still in that doubt if this is really not a trick.

But of course, the new look shocked the internet, but it also shared opinions with people who think he is wearing a bald cap, which is like a wig to simulate a bald or partially bald head

So, what do you think? We can only wait to see if he will not show up with his “old” hair normally in a few days.




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