Carlos Bardelli Died: How Did Comedian Carlos Bardelli Die?

His death was sudden; For this coming Saturday, February 13, the prominent imitator had already scheduled a presentation in a Tijuana bar

On Thursday night, the news of the death of Carlos Bardelli was announced, a comedian and impersonator who stood out internationally and achieved greater popularity in the country between 2013 and 2015 thanks to his participation in the reality show Parodiando, on Televisa.

The death took place around 1:00 p.m. in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, and according to what was spread, the comedian died of natural causes at the time not officially specified. The sudden news took his admirers by surprise since the acclaimed imitator was not known to have any illness, and in fact, he had a live presentation scheduled this Saturday, February 13, in the city in a nightclub, the Bar Antro Cavally, where he would alternate with the Coloso Band.

According to information released by the blog La columnaria, the imitator lost his life due to a sudden heart attack, according to reports from his family, who denied that he had suffered from COVID-19. This cause of death was also shared by the company of Publirrelacionistas of the show Omega Promo Mx.

Carlos Bardelli Died
The impersonator was already getting ready for his presentation that he would give in a bar in Tijuana (Photo: Twitter @carlosbardelli)

Considered the best imitator of Pedro Infante, his work brought him great satisfaction and awards, such as the one he received in 2009 at the United States White House, from President Barack Obama, the Hispanic Heritage Awards as the man capable of issuing the largest number of voices in the world, with more than 180 different ones.

At the time, Bardelli commented that “although he did not make much noise here, in Mexico,” it is an important recognition that is given to the most prominent Hispanics in areas such as mathematics, physics, sculpture, among others.

Bardelli already had an extensive career of almost 20 years when he became known nationally through the Televisa screen, wherefrom the first Parodiando program he demonstrated his great talent for comedy.

Carlos Bardelli Died
Bardelli participated in three seasons of “Parodiando” (Photo: Twitter @carlosbardelli)

However, it was not until the second season of the now-defunct reality show where the impersonator managed to rise as the best contestant on the show, since he participated as part of Angélica Vale’s team, where he stood out thanks to his funny imitations, being the one of the remembered Pedro Infante his most acclaimed interventions.

His great talent was consolidated with his imitations of different personalities, such as Amanda Miguel, José José, Frank Sinatra, Raúl Vale, Chabelo, Julio Iglesias, Pimpinela, Valentín Elizalde, Don Francisco, Luis Migue, Alejandra Guzmán, Enrique Iglesias, Barney, and Diego Verdaguer, and although he did characterize himself as the famous, his strong voice was his, being able to modulate and set it according to the character he was emulating.

Born in Sonora, raised in Sinaloa, and a Jalisco resident for years, Bardelli also received the Gold Laurel Award for Mexico Quality: “I like to make people of all ages laugh and I will do it as long as Jesus Christ allows me to”, said at the time the famous who professed the Christian faith.

Carlos Bardelli Died
A fulminant heart attack was his cause of death, unofficially communicated (Photo: Twitter @carlosbardelli)

In 2014 he shared a reflection in a talk for Excelsior Television: “I have friends who were in high school and college with me and they tell me ‘hey, in a show you earn what I earn in six months working’, they tell me ‘ Ah, what father because God gave you that talent ‘, but the truth is if you see a video of mine from 20 years ago you say’ no, Carlitos, you were very lost, who told you that you were imitating? ‘,

Carlos Bardelli Died
In 2009 he was recognized in the United States White House and in 2014 he won the reality show (Photo: Twitter @carlosbardelli)

I think it is an idea and you can grow when you have a fixed idea, a goal, I said ‘I want to be the best imitator’, and maybe I had nothing, but you believe it and you work and as Pablo said Picasso ‘When the opportunity comes, I should catch you working’, he shared on that occasion.

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