Roberto Carlos’s Brother, Lauro Braga Dies At 89

Brazil: Lauro Braga, 89, brother of singer Roberto Carlos, 79, died this Thursday morning (11), in Rio de Janeiro. The information was confirmed by the singer’s adviser to the report.

The singer’s brother had been hospitalized for more than four months and the staff pointed out that he was not with Covid-19. However, he did not report the cause of death.

The family will not hold a wake for Lauro, following the recommendations of the health authorities to avoid the formation of agglomerations.

On social media, Roberto Carlos’ son, Dudu Braga, published a photo with his father and uncles Carlinhos and Lauro. He said the family is sad about his departure.

“Guys, my uncle Lauro has always been an example of vitality for us and we are very sad with his departure. In the photo from left to right my uncle Carlinhos, daddy, and my uncle Lauro. May God have him and bless him always!”, He wrote Dudu.

This week, the singer Roberto Carlos postponed the “Emotions Project Praia do Forte (BA)” due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The offshore show would take place between June 9th and 13th, but it was moved to Valentine’s Day 2022. This is the singer’s second cruise postponed this year.

The production of the project said that the current scenario of the pandemic took everyone by surprise and the moment requires a lot of caution and that overcoming this period, everyone will be together celebrating the 18th edition of the Emotions Project.

“Understanding that the health and well-being of all participants in the Emotions Project should be our main priority, we move forward and seek to adapt to this new reality, offering everyone the opportunity to continue with us for the next year, as part of Family Emotions “, he said.

Another singer’s cruise, the traditional “Emotions on the High Seas”, scheduled to take place between 6 and 10 February this year, had also been postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic. In May last year, the singer’s press office already said that it would not be possible to know the situation in February this year and that postponing it was more prudent to avoid cancellations closer to boarding the cruise.

According to the press office, passengers arrive from many places both in Brazil and the world, and crowding would be inevitable. Therefore, for prudence, the postponement measure was taken. Those who have already bought will have to wait a little longer.

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