Natasha Dupeyrón Suffered A Spectacular Accident Inside Her Home

The Mexican actress shared on her social networks some moments inside the hospital where she is under review

The young Mexican actress, Natasha Dupeyrón, reported on social networks that she suffered a spectacular accident inside her home for which she had to be admitted to the South Medical Hospital for her check-up and speedy recovery.

The protagonist of the Mexican telenovela, Verano de Amor reported on her Instagram account that she suffered a fall from the stairs of her home, for which she had to be admitted to a hospital in the southern area of ​​Mexico City to maintain rest and of which it is said to be “out of danger” according to her own words.

“I fell down the stairs yesterday, I thought it was going to be serious and luckily I’m out of danger, ” she emphasized in one of her Instagram stories today.

Likewise, the artist in a second storie thanked the support of two people very close to the actress and sent a special dedication to her body for resisting the strong impact and for still giving it the strength of a second chance.

Natasha Dupeyrón in Hospital
Natasha Dupeyrón committed that she fell from the stairs of her home Photo: Instagram / natdupeyron

“I want to thank my body for enduring. I want to thank Yago (her partner) for being brave and for being there in the most terrifying moments. I want to thank Mau (the actress’s friend) for taking care of me from a distance, helping me breathe, and for holding on to the phone while I cry with fear, ”she explained on her social network.

The interpreter who had her birthday on June 31 of this year, began an acting career since she was a child in soap operas. It should be noted that Natasha was born into an iconic family within Mexican entertainment since she is the daughter of Humberto Dupeyrón and niece of Elizabeth Dupeyrón.

And despite having spent years in the entertainment industry, the Mexican has always preferred to be a low-profile public figure without controversy, however, when there are relevant events, she tries to share important moments of her personal life. For example, her relationship and wedding with Yago Muñoz, who has been known for more than 10 years when they met on the Miss XV forum, the remake of the soap opera Quinceañera.

This year in specific Natasha Dupeyrón has given something to talk about on social networks when at the beginning of the year the actress on her Twitter account spread some words where she expressed that she had suffered gender violence. The actress of L a casa de las flores was vulnerable when talking about what she lived in her past.

On that occasion, Dupeyorón said that she had been invited along with 18 other women to support the feminist movement and which she has actively supported for years.

“ It is not easy to be vulnerable or to know yourself as a victim. It is not easy to experience abuse and then do not judge yourself if you still cannot speak even if you feel like it because it requires a lot of things and personal work and a lot of self-love, a lot of love from your people. Everything in due time, “she said in her video of almost five minutes.

To conclude, Natasha Dupeyrón thanked the women who little by little have raised their voices to denounce the cases of abuse or aggression that they have experienced in their lives, because these testimonies contribute to the fight against gender violence.

Later, her father Humberto Dupeyrón granted an interview for the evening program Sale el Sol, where she emphasized that her daughter had never suffered any situation of abuse.

He explained that Natasha wanted to clarify the situation: “My daughter spoke to me to say ‘Dad, I don’t know how these people understood that something like this had happened to me,'” said the retired actor. “‘Nothing has happened to me, dad,'” she concluded.

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