Guava Juice Net Worth: How Rich Is The Youtuber Actually In 2022?

Roi Fabio, professionally known as Guava Juice, is a Filipino-American Youtuber. He is famous for creating vlogs, DIYs, challenges, and other amusing videos. Above all, he was also a former member of the channel Wassabi Productions before he jumped into the Youtube bandwagon in 2016. The estimated Net Worth of Guava Juice is USD 19 Million.

Full Name Roi Wassabi
Birth Date
August 21, 1991
Birth Place Philippines
Profession YouTuber
Age  30 years
Net Worth $19 million

Early Life & Biography:

We will provide you with all the possible information about his childhood, parents, previous residential status, early education, and much more.

Early Education:

Roi Fabio was born in the Philippines; he has four siblings, two brothers and two sisters Rеуmоnd, Ruѕѕеl, аnd Аrіеl. Rоі. We have no information about his mom and dad. However, they moved to Durham, North Carolina, when Roi was two years old. They tried their level best to get settled and comfortable along with their kids. Rеуmоnd, Ruѕѕеl, аnd Аrіеl. Rоі started school in Carolina. However, they had a callous time understanding the native language of the people of America, which is English. So consequently, to remove the language gap, Roi’s parents enrolled him in an English Language program. As a result, he progressed and learned English sooner than they thought he could do.

Previous Residential status:

Further, due to the increasing financial problems, his parents decided to live in Durham and send their three children back to the Philippines. After returning to the Philippines, Roi continued his studies and finished high school. He also made a best friend there named Аlех Вurrіѕ. For further studies, he went to Durham Tech Community College to study nursing. After that, he soon dropped out, and he earned a degree in computer engineering from Carolina State University. Meanwhile, he shifted his interest to Film studies.

Guava Juice’s net worth & Youtube Career:

Life Before Youtube:

During his teens, he was much interested in filming videos. Initially, he used to film videos with his parent’s phones. His parents and siblings were supportive; they appreciated him whenever he showed them their videos, whole excitedly. After a few years, he created his own Youtube channel, where he gained a few followers.

After returning to the Philippines, Roi continued his studies and finished high school he also made a best friend there named Аlех Вurrіѕ. The two were close to each other, soon they emerged into a team and started working together. They created a Youtube Channel called “Hoiistori,” later named “Wassabi Productions” back in 2006.

Early Youtube Career:

They used to shoot videos together and upload them on their channel; it would be comic videos, dancing on a song, mimicry, or lip-sync. After they were done with their studies, they devoted their whole time to creating good quality content. In addition, they become full-time YouTubers. They shifted the viewer’s interest to music parodies by playing “Richard,” “Rolanda,” and more to keep the user interested. Soon the сhаnnеl bесоmе а gateway of fame, аnd wіthіn јuѕt а short period, thеу hаd mіllіоnѕ оf vіеwѕ on their videos and thousands of ѕubѕсrіbеrѕ. One of their mоѕt vіеwеd vіdео wаѕ uрlоаdеd іn Арrіl 2012 саllеd “Саll mе Мауbе,” аnd іt rесеіvеd mоrе thаn 135 mіllіоn vіеwѕ.

The origin of Guava Juice:

Roi left Wassabi Productions in 2016; he decided to try his luck alone by creating his own Youtube Channel called “Guava Juice” the name of the channel is quite attractive itself. His channel attracted thousands of users.

Roi used to post his everyday videos, routine, DIYs, comic videos, challenges, fun with friends, and much more. His simple script and his spontaneous behavior won hearts. His channel stands 16.8 Million subscribers altogether, making him one of the most-watched and followed Youtube channels in the US. He also owns another Youtube channel with the name Guava Games, which has 860k followers altogether. On his third channel Guava Juice 2, with 3.6 Million subscribers, he posts random shenanigans.

Guava Juice Net Worth:

The Filipino-American Youtuber Roi Fabio, aka Guava Juice. Roi was a member of Wasabi. His popularity rose after the debut of his Youtube Channel, Guava Juice. Guava Juice’s net worth is $19 Million. However, Guava Juice’s net worth might be higher than $19 Million and less than $25 Million.

Source Of Income:  Roi Fabito’s only source of income is his Youtube channel Guava Juice, and he also earns through the merchandise sales of his limited editions. He had also made most of his net worth through his membership in Wasabi.

What is Guava Juice’s monthly income?

However, a huge part of Guava Juice’s monthly income depends on the number of views on his videos on his youtube channels; he owns three Youtube channels, Guava Juice, Guava Juice 2 Guava Plays. Therefore, as a result, Guava earns $3 to $7 per every one thousand video views. Thus, Guava Juice’s monthly income sums up to $30,000 – $40,000. Moreover, the reach could level up to $50,000 in a month too. 

What is Guava Juice’s annual income?

By looking at his monthly income, we may assume that he might be making a huge amount of money in a year. Guava Juice’s annual income might be $2 million; yes, you read it right; moreover, Roi owns three Youtube Channels Guava Juice, Guava Juice 2, and Guava plays. Above all Youtube, and social media are his only income.

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