Natasha Dupeyrón Suffered A Spectacular Accident Inside Her Home

Natasha Dupeyrón in Hospital

The Mexican actress shared on her social networks some moments inside the hospital where she is under review The young Mexican actress, Natasha Dupeyrón, reported on social networks that she suffered a spectacular accident inside her home for which she had to be admitted to the South Medical Hospital for her check-up and speedy recovery. … Read more

Leticia Calderón Publishes A Photo From A Hospital Bed And Worries Fans For Her Health

Leticia Calderón Hospital

The actress showed that she is under medical surveillance without giving further details about her hospitalization. In the image that caused a commotion, you can see Calderón’s arm with an IV hose. However, she made it clear that her health is not in serious danger by writing: “All good thank God.” Since, earlier this year, … Read more

Cristian Calderón, From Las Chivas, Was Rushed To The Hospital

Cristian Calderón In hospital

The ‘Chicote’ Calderón suffered a serious mishap and will not be in Guadalajara vs Bravos de Juárez on matchday 3 of Apertura 2021 The left-handed side of the Guadalajara Sports Club, Cristian “Chicote” Calderón, had to leave training on Tuesday, August 3 at the Verde Valle facilities due to a severe blow to the head. The impact caused them … Read more

Why Fernando Del Solar Was In The Hospital Again

Fernando Del Solar In Hospital

The famous driver was caught while leaving a hospital south of Mexico City Some years ago the television host Fernando del Solar reported on the lung cancer that was diagnosed. Since then, he has suffered some relapses and constant respiratory crises. Because of this, the beloved 48-year-old presenter was hospitalized for a few days last week “due … Read more

Roselyn Sánchez Suffered A Mishap That Took Her To The Hospital

Roselyn Sánchez mishap

The Puerto Rican actress expressed that she does not like to delay the recordings due to any situation Yesterday, the Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sánchez visited the hospital because she suffered a mishap in her right foot, which caused the dislocation of her little toe. The 48-year-old model is an actress, model, and producer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. At … Read more

Eduardo Yáñez Spoke From The Hospital After Being Admitted For Surgery

Eduardo Yáñez in Hospital

Eduardo Yáñez was recently operated on in a health center in Mexico City for a health problem related to his kidneys. The Mexican actor released the news through his official profile on the Instagram platform. “As I promised about five weeks ago to follow up on these kidney stones, today is the day of the second intervention … Read more