Mijares And Cristian Castro: Everything That Is Known About Their Next Tour

His return to the stage is being prepared to bring his followers many surprises

Manuel Mijares and Cristian Castro have proven to be good companions sharing the stage by performing in front of large audiences and although the pandemic has halted much of the activities in the world of music, Mijares announced that he will soon be touring with the interpreter of Por amarte like this .

Mijares was invited to the Tú-Night program with Omar Chaparro , in which he spoke about different projects that he has currently been working on, in addition to touching on issues about how his personal life has gone. Among the things that he exposed that he is preparing a tour .

Although he did not go into too much detail, he said that he and Castro have been preparing the tour for some time and it will take place in the United States and will be face-to-face . Faced with this statement, Chaparro assured that “Gallito Feliz” has twice rejected the invitation to attend the program due to a busy schedule.

The interpreter of Soldier of Love assured that it will be something “great”, since they have previously made successful presentations together. The last time they gave a concert together was in 2019, then they had to stop their activities and recently they have resumed them. So far, it is not known how long the tour will start or which states the duet will visit.

Both Cristian Castro and Mijares have performed in online concerts since 2020, even the Azul interpreter managed to reach European countries such as Russia, Italy and France in his presentation “En tu casa” , which lasted 90 minutes and He performed songs by Juan Gabriel, his most successful songs and some classics of Mexican music.

For November and December of this year, Castro also presented his “Cristian Castro Hits Tour” that will take place in the United States.

Cristian Castro
Cristian Castro has prepared tour dates in the United States (Photo: EFE / David Fernández / Archive)

On May 22, Manuel Mijares and his ex-wife Lucero will also offer a concert without an audience, but transmitted via streaming . “Siempre Amigos” will be the event that marks the reunion of the artists after several years of being divorced.

A week after this meeting takes place, some tickets for certain Latin American countries are already sold out, since since their announcement, the couple’s fans showed on social networks that they had bought their tickets as soon as the sale began.

In January, it was 24 years since the couple got married in a controversial wedding, it was called “the wedding of the century” because both singers already had a successful career and were loved by the public, in addition to the ceremony being broadcast live by Televisa and hosted by Silvia Pinal.

Lucero and Manuel Mijares
One week to go until the reunion of Lucero and Manuel Mijares (Photo: Instagram / @ocesa)

Although its preparation occurred a decade ago, some netizens speculated the reasons why they would have decided to celebrate the friendship until now. Given the comments, Lucero assured that there was no intention behind.

“ Manuelito is my friend , he is a person whom I admire, whom I respect very much, whom I love very much and we have two wonderful children, which is what unites us the most, in addition to so many memories, so many moments, so many good things to say, ”Lucero said on her YouTube channel.

With more than 40 years of career and 10 years of separation , Lucero and Mijares, one of the most beloved couples of Mexican music, will return to the stage to show that their friendship is still valid and their only bond is not their children, but the good times that they shared during their courtship and marriage.

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