Mexico- The singer and actor Eduardo Jiménez, better known as Lolo Jiménez, lost his life after complications from the coronavirus.

The participant was infected with the virus and, after staying for several days in a hospital, died on February 16.

Eduardo Jiménez rose to fame with his participation in the “La Academia Bicentenario” contest; their voice and talent led them to one of the most popular singing competitions on Mexican television.

However, Eduardo “Lolo” Jiménez, who on his Instagram account described himself as a “Musical spokesman for God”, had already shown his talent by being part of a female student, according to the images that friends of the actor also shared to fire him.

“Rest in peace, actor and singer Lolo Jiménez,” wrote journalist David Martínez on his Twitter account. “Who spent several days trying in a hospital, fought for his life against COVID-19”.

After his participation in the also known La Academia Bicentenario, which aired from September 12 to December 19, 2010, Jiménez developed professionally as an actor and singer. He made various musical theater works as part of the cast of OCESA and montages of the project known as Short Theater, according to People.

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