Adamari López Returns To Telenovelas: When? Where? [VIDEO]

Adamari López surprised her followers by announcing that she is returning to telenovelas after several years away from dramatic projects. The Puerto Rican actress was very excited when she made the announcement on the recent broadcast of the Telemundo show “Hoy Día”.

“La Suerte de Ada” is the name of López’s new telenovela, a parody of “La Suerte de Loli” that is currently broadcast on Telemundo Monday through Friday at 9:00 PM ET.

Telemundo’s new melodrama starring Adamari López will air on “Hoy Día” starting next week. The network’s morning show airs Monday through Friday starting at 7:00 AM Eastern Time.

“I applaud myself because I love it, this is only going to be seen here in ‘Hoy Día’ for the next week. You are invited to enjoy that first episode of my new novel ‘La Suerte de Ada’, only here in ‘Hoy Día’ ”, assured the television presenter to refer to the great premiere of her new dramatic production.

Personalities such as Christian Chávez, Gaby Espino, and Gisella Aboumrad, who are currently part of the cast of “La Suerte de Loli”, will also make guest appearances in the parody “La Suerte de Ada”.

Users on the Instagram platform did not take long to react to Adamari López’s new professional challenge: “Excellent, very good actress”, “She is an excellent actress”, “What a thrill to see you again in soap operas”, “I think I’ll see you again telenovelas only for Adamari ”,“ You are an excellent actress, we already missed you ”,“ Congratulations Adamari, you are very versatile ”,“ It gives me a lot of emotion, I was crying out for Adamari to appear in a novel ”,“ You were already missed in telenovelas “,” Very cute, I love the idea of ​​her returning to telenovelas. ”

López is known for participating in great soap operas such as “Amigas y Rivales” (2001), “Gata Salvaje” (2003), “Mujer de Madera” (2005), “Locura de Amor” (2000), among other great productions of important television networks.

Currently, the 49-year-old interpreter had fully dedicated herself to her role as a television presenter on the Telemundo show “Un Nuevo Día”, a television project that she joined in July 2012.

A few days ago, Adamari López joined the team of presenters for “Hoy Día”, the new Telemundo television show that replaced “Un Nuevo Día” with a new format that focuses on having news, entertainment, and gastronomy.

López made a brief special appearance on “La Fan,” one of Telemundo’s dramatic productions that aired in 2017. In the telenovela, the Puerto Rican star played the character of Carmen Córdoba.

In the film industry, the actress was part of the cast of major projects such as “The night that knocked down the champion” (2002), “Follow me the good ones” (2000) “,” Paradise Lost “(1999), and” The night in the that Toño Bicicleta appeared ”(1997).

Adamari López is one of the most beloved personalities in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry, her talent and charisma have allowed her to win the affection and respect of thousands of Hispanics in the United States, who daily enjoy their participation in “Hoy Día ”From Telemundo.

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