Manuel López, Mexican Singer, Dies At 43

The vocalist of the group Psicofonía, Manuel López suffered health complications that led to his death.

A few days ago, it was announced that Manuel López had COVID-19, but remained stable. However, as the days went by, his health was declining until he died last Saturday, August 7, according to the members of the group Psicofonía, where he was a vocalist. “Today Manuel López, the voice of Psicofonía, is already dust from the brightest stars in the universe,” is mentioned in the official Facebook account.

As the singer’s state of health was deteriorating, days before his death, they used the same channel to request financial support because the artist had to be hospitalized and the expenses caused by the treatment had to be paid.

“Friends, as much as we have tried to keep this personal, and with the hope in hand that everything will return to normal soon, it has not been like that,” they mentioned last Tuesday. “We are doing a voluntary cooperation to support the expenses derived from your medical care, any support is welcome, and regardless of this we ask for your energies at this time for your recovery, they will be of complete and profound vitality.”

Despite all efforts, Manuel López died at 43 years of age. The Mexican rocker began his career with this band in 2002, where he was the opening act for important international bands such as Tierra Santa, from Spain; Sonata Arctica, from Finland; Rata Blanca, from Argentina, and Angeles del Infierno, among others. In addition, he made various presentations in Mexico and the United States. His hits include “Give me a dream” and “In the light of that moon”, to name just a few.

Psicofonía, formed in 2002, has been the opening act for Tierra Santa, Spain, Sonata Arctica, Finland, Rata Blanca, Argentina and Ángeles del Infierno, also appearing in various places in Mexico and the US.

Manuel shared the stage at the time with the Finnish Tarja Turunen. The band’s first album, In vitro, was released in 2004. “Give me a dream” and “In the light of that moon” are some of the songs released by the group.

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