Radio Presenter Dick Farrel Dies After Complications From Covid-19

The American radio presenter Dick Farrel, known especially among the American extreme right and, recently, for his critical comments about the covid vaccines, has died of complications derived from the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Farrel, whose real name is Farrel Austin Levitt, had been a presenter on Newsmax after the WFLN was sold five years ago. He passed away last week at age 65. “The covid has taken one of my best friends. Rest in peace, Dick Farrel,” wrote one of her friends, Amy Leigh Hair, on her social networks.

Farrel, a follower of Donald Trump and convinced against vaccines, at least at the beginning, had advocated not receiving the injection that protects against the most serious symptoms of the disease and was very sceptical of Dr Anthony Fauci, the epidemiologist in charge of the Allergy Institute and Infectious Diseases of the United States. His own friend, the same one who confirmed his death, assured that he himself had changed his mind about the vaccine when he was infected. “He was the reason I got vaccinated. He told me that the virus was no joke and that I wish he had been vaccinated too.” “I was one of those people who, like him, had not been vaccinated. I did not trust the vaccine, I trusted my immune system. Now I am more afraid of contracting COVID-19 than of the possible adverse effects of the vaccine, and I I’m glad I was vaccinated, “he told the US network WPTV.

“Dick was flamboyant, outrageous at times, and he was willing to always stand up to everyone, ” says former CBS Radio West Palm Beach market manager Lee Strasser, who had Farrel work for him in the 1990s. “Was he always right? No. Was he away from problems? Not always. Was he very good with customers? Always. Was it a pleasure to have him here? Absolutely. Was he loyal? Undeniable, ” he said. “His death is a great loss, he was a kind person full of passion, and his memory will persist over time,” he added.

Regarding Farrel; It is said that he was born Farrel Austin Levitt on August 1, 1956, in New York City. He graduated from Queens College before pursuing a career in radio, according to his obituary.

He worked on the WVIP-FM morning show in Westchester, New York. He later moved to West Palm Beach, where he worked for several South Florida radio stations, including Miami’s WIOD, Palm Beach’s WPBR, Jupiter’s WJUP-FM, and Arcadia’s WFLN. He was also a presenter for Newsmax TV.

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This is a new case of someone who dies from Covid-19 because they do not believe the disease is real, or because they distrust vaccines. Therefore, what we have to do is take care of ourselves at all times of the disease and vaccinate ourselves when it corresponds to us because, in case of getting sick, that could make the virus not affect so much.

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