La Voz Kids 2021: At What Time And Where To See The Reality Show Premiere With Belinda And María José

The program returns to the screens with coaches who will be in charge of looking for new and young musical talents to crown one as the best voice

TV Azteca brings again one of the most entertaining programs, where we see how girls and boys compete to show who has the best voice, this with the help of their coaches, who will guide them so that the best reaches the final. In this installment, we will once again enjoy the participation of Belinda, now accompanied by María José, Camilo, and the Montaner brothers, Mau and Ricky.

La Voz Kids 2021 will begin broadcasting this Monday, March 22 at 7:30 p.m. on Azteca Uno, channel 1 on open television. If you have cable television, you can watch it through the following channels: Total Play at 001 and 113; Izzi in 101 and 701; Sky on channels 101 and 1101; Dish on channels 101 and 601 and Megacable on channel 101.

In this first episode, we will meet the dynamics of the program and the participants, who were selected under a rigorous casting, so we will only meet the best Mexican voices of children who have prepared from an early age to be the best voice in the country. Eddy Villard, who will host the program with Sofía Aragón, said that many children participated in the casting and they all had to share their origins in music, their stories can be heard tonight during their first appearance.

Belinda has shared that she is very excited to participate in this installment of La Voz because now she will be in charge of exploiting the talent of very young voices, she also assured that working with children has been one of her best experiences since they do not have filters.

La Voz Kids 2021
Photo: @lavoztvazteca / Instagram

“I think children can lead you to such a beautiful series of emotions, so original because they are unique, they say what they think, they have no filters, they are authentic,” said Belinda.

The singer began her artistic career from a young age, so she says she knows ” what it is to dream of big stages “, which has encouraged her to listen to the voices of the youngest talents in the country and, with her experience and energy, she is willing to help children achieve their dreams, as she did when she was 10 years old.

María José, a singer who has also appeared in previous installments as a coach, for her part said that she will do everything so that children have fun with her, as she will seek to get closer to them so that they know her personality. She mentioned that since she was little she wanted to be a singer, so she also knows what the young talents of La Voz will experience. ” I want to accompany them in their first steps and be forever part of their careers,” she said.

We will also enjoy the participation of the new coaches, such as Camilo who expressed for Venga la Alegría: “It is worth trying, it is worth continuing, that desire they have, if you really want to make music and create, it is worth dedicating how long it takes to be excellent at this. ” Ricardo Montaner’s children, Mau and Ricky, who will also be in charge of training the new voices, urged the participants to dream big, as that was one of the factors that helped them succeed in the early stages of their singing career.

In La Voz Kid s we will see the participation of girls and boys who seek to be crowned as the best voice in the country, under the guidance of their coaches, from whom good chemistry and new collaborations are expected. The popularity that the participants acquire for their charisma on stage will be of great importance since the preference of the audience will be the determining factor for them to be eliminated or to remain in the contest until their victory.


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