EXATLON 5 USA: Mack Roesch Leaves The Competition What Happened?

They have been difficult days in the sands of Exatlon United States. After the painful farewell of Raquel Becker in the duel for the permanence of March 21, the week began on the 22nd with an announcement from the presenter Frederik Oldenburg, where he assured what everyone already feared, Mack Roesch, the global leader of the You must leave it due to an injury whose recovery time would exceed that imposed by the competition.

On the day of March 22, the program started with “the hunter” Viviana Michell, giving an update on her state of health, and how little by little she has been improving and at any moment she could be ready to return, but first, she must be patient and listen to your body.

A night marked by the return of Ana Parra, who was absent due to injury, was the one indicated for Oldenburg to announce that they had seen Mack as an inexhaustible source of support for his team, but that unfortunately there are three complicated ligaments in one of his shoulders, so the minimum recovery time would be between 10 and 12 weeks, which is not supported by the competition.

Mack was supposed to leave Exatlon USA at the beginning of week nine. Another hard blow for all athletes.

Roesch thanked everyone for their support, was very affected, and withdrew thanking the prayers and good vibes. “I was praying this morning for an answer, and I think I already received it,” he said.

Mack Roesch’s injury

The so-called “King of Obstacles”, due to his expertise in this type of racing, received a strong blow to the arm that added him to the growing list of injured in the fifth season of Exatlon United States. His situation has awakened all kinds of reactions, as he has been kept on the bench for a long time, without announcing a medical report about his state of health. This until today March 22, when Nate’s chance to achieve glory is cut short by an injury that forces him to leave the competition.

Do you need surgery?

Other information that set off the alarms, but has not yet been confirmed, is that, according to news published by the fan portal Keyla: The Queen of Spoilers, Mack Roesch is not planning to return to the competition because he needs surgery and a long recovery time that probably includes physical rehabilitation. This video further explains the news:

Mack joins other participants

Something that has characterized the fifth season of Exatlon United States, without differentiating the teams, are injuries. From the blues Andrea Nerio and Jomarie Martínez had to leave the competition, Denisse Novoa spent weeks in recovery and Ana Parra is presumed that today, March 22, she will return to the arenas, for the Famous have been injured Jeyvier Cintrón, Frank Beltre, Eric “Showtime” Alejandro, “the huntress” Viviana Michell and Mack Roesch, whose departure today is regrettable as he is one of the most complete athletes in the competition.

Not surprisingly, it is currently the global leader of Exatlon United States. His partner Norma Palafox was right when she assured that Mack “You live every moment of the competition.” 

From here, we are confident that just as Mack Roesch has enviable determination and focus, he will put those same virtues into practice as he improves, to become the high-performance athlete we are all used to.

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