Gustavo Carrillo, Mexican Dubbing Actor, Dies At 55

The actor was 55 years old and 30 years of professional career; he died in a hospital in Mexico City.

Despite having the complete vaccination chart, Gustavo Hurí Carrillo Saavedra died of complications with COVID-19, in a hospital in Mexico City. The news about the death of the dubbing actor, who was 55 years old, was released by the Twitter account Doblaje Mexicano.

“We regret to report the death of the actor and singer Gustavo Carrillo,” said the account. “Remembered for being Jack Black in School of Rock, the father of The Tiger and additional voices of The Simpsons. 55 years and more than 30 years of career, partly due to complications from COVID-19”.

Shortly after, Manuel David, a friend of Carrillo confirmed the information and regretted that despite the fact that the singer also took the appropriate measures to protect himself, he could not save his life.

“It is desperate that despite having the two doses of the vaccine, there are people who lose the battle against COVID. The departure of my friend Gustavo Hurí Carrillo Saavedra makes me very sad.

We share many times calls of environments before the pandemic and many hours of talks and anecdotes at the bar (he always had his soda). Friend, as far as you are I send you a big hug and I will always remember with great affection those pleasant moments that we share, “he mentioned on his Facebook account.

Gustavo Carrillo had a professional career of three decades, during which he did dubbing work for series and films such as NCISHeroesIt, and X Files, among others. As well as, the anime Dragon Ball ZOne PieceMuch Fight! , ( Dis ) charmThe SimpsonsPokemon, and The Knights of the Zodiac, to name just a few.

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