Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano, better known as Johnny Ventura, dies of a heart attack at the Clínica Unión Médica. Ventura was very popular in the 60s, 70s, and 80s in our country.

In the merenguero, he was admitted to the emergency room at the Clínica Unión Médica del Norte, in the province of Santiago, north of the Dominican capital.

Last year Ventura had been hospitalized due to the attacks of the covid-19, but he managed to recover.

The information was released by the merengue player Héctor Acosta El Torito, who first asked for prayer for the 81-year-old musician, who was admitted as an emergency and then in another video said that he had died. It was later confirmed by her son, Jandy Ventura.

The merenguero is also known as the “Caballo Mayor” innovated with his catchy rhythm accompanied by his group El Combo-Show.

In addition to his movements when dancing and singing, he managed to popularize songs such as Tabaco is strong but you have to smoke it, Cuidado con el Cuabero, Tú Sabes a Que Yo Vine, Te Digo Ahorita, Salsa Pa’ Tu Lechón, El Pingüino, among others big hits.

In addition to music, Ventura has been Ventura leaned towards the world of politics, first in the Dominican Revolutionary Party and then with the Dominican Liberation Party, and then to follow former president Leonel Fernández in the People’s Force.

Johnny Ventura Died
Johnny Ventura / Photo

The Dominican Republic has been in a state of emergency since Thursday of last week and the following day a curfew was decreed, whose application schedule, which was initially established from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., was extended by three hours since yesterday, advancing its start at 5:00 in the afternoon.

He was a deputy and also mayor of Santo Domingo, with Peggy Cabral as vice-president, in the period 1998-2002, both candidates were promoted by the Dominican Revolutionary Party.

His last meringue that reached a great rebound was the popularized song “They go” against the government of the Dominican Liberation Party.

His artistic life

He innovated with his lyrics and his catchy rhythm, accompanied by his group “El Combo-Show”. It was a different sound for the time, which enjoyed the acceptance of a large fan base that began to follow it.

Johnny Ventura’s Combo Show was declared Combo of the Year on 9 occasions by the prestigious North American magazine Record World, whose Latin area was hosted by the prominent Cuban journalist Tomás Fondora.

Ventura modernized the merengue rhythm by introducing saxophones, trumpets, piano, drums, electronic effects, timpani, and incorporating elements from other rhythms, but without losing the essence and natural colors of the merengue.

Johnny Ventura Dies
Johnny Ventura / Photo

During his artistic life, he has shown his art in different countries of the world, among them: Puerto Rico, Haiti, Aruba, Canada, Jamaica; Venezuela, Curaçao, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Saint Croix, Saint Marteen, Saint Thomas, Martiniqués, Guadalupe, Vieques, Tortola, Nassau, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba. He has also had performances in almost the entire European continent, as well as in almost every state and city in the United States.

He has received more than 4,800 plaques and recognitions, awarded by different public and private entities around the world.

In addition, he was decorated by the National Congress as the Merenguero of the Century, in 2000. He became the first Dominican artist to be invited to the inauguration of a North American president in 1974 when Jimmy Carter won the presidential elections.

His discography is made up of 105 record productions, being the most prolific Dominican artist in that sense. His recordings have been awarded 28 gold and 2 platinum records, as well as a Latin Grammy in 2004 and a Grammy for Excellence for his career in 2006.

The Combo Show was awarded nine times by the North American magazine Record World, as the best Combo of the Year. This magazine was from the Latino area and was led by the prominent Cuban journalist Tomas Fondora; Johnny Ventura was awarded more than 4,800 plaques and recognitions in different public and private entities around the world.

On 8th Street in Miami in 1987, Johnny Ventura was the King, during the Barranquilla carnivals he won 4 Congos de Oro, he was the first Dominican artist to obtain the desired Silver Torch that gives the popular cry of the public attending the Viñas festival del Mar in Chile.

Many consider him as The Father of Modern Merengue; others call it La Alegría del País; The Merenguero of the Century; The Living Legend of Merengue; The National Industry of La Alegría; The Greater Horse; The Lord of the Merengue or The Son of the People. All the names are valid because they express the great admiration that the people feel for Jhonny, who, as has been seen, is also “a father to the drum”.

Personal life

In his personal life, Ventura was married for more than three decades to Nelly Josefina Flores de Ventura, with whom he had three of their seven children.

Entertainment industry personalities spoke out for the death of Johnny Ventura

Personalities such as Olga Tañón, Don Omar, Natti Natasha and Charytín Goyco lamented the death of Johnny Ventura with emotional messages through the Instagram social network.

“It left us, but I still don’t believe it and my heart is broken. My admiration for you always so great, you always treated me with affection and respect. I made my dream of recording with you a reality. You, a great defender of meringue for the whole world. The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and all of us who have navigated this genre are in mourning, ”said Tañón on his Instagram profile .

“You were great and you will always be ‘The black horse’. What a great honor to have met you and my greatest privilege to have been able to call you a friend. Thank you for how smart, talented and decent you showed that you could be while everyone idolized you. Anyway, it was an immense pleasure to meet you, thank you for your music. We will see each other again, legend, ”said Don Omar .

“My beloved Republic is in mourning. May the undisputed King of Merengue, Johnny Ventura, rest in Peace. Strength for loved ones” wrote Natti Natasha .

“In this picture welcoming my beloved Johnny Ventura with great joy. Gloria is from our country, the Dominican Republic. Today we mourn with great pain and sadness his departure to heaven. We Dominicans and the world are in mourning. Fly high, dear friend, ”said Charytín Goyco.

“We will always remember his musicality, joy, personality, and gift of people. Rest in peace Master Johnny Ventura. Your colleagues and colleagues deeply mourn your departure ”, mentioned Gilberto Santa Rosa .

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