Fernanda Castillo Suffered Two Heart Attacks: How Is Your Health?

Fernanda Castillo is already home. The Mexican actress used her networks to talk about her hospitalization. “Last Monday I had to be hospitalized urgently for a severe late complication of my postpartum,” she wrote in the caption she shared this Monday, January 18, “It was a very difficult week, but today I am fine, at home and with my family. Thank God”.

Castillo suffered serious health problems after being admitted to the Spanish Hospital in Mexico City on January 11, 2021. At that time, the relatives of the Mexican actress kept the reason for her emergency transfer to the center completely hermetic. Health.

According to information exclusively reviewed by the magazine Tv y Novelas México, Castillo suffered an obstetric hemorrhage on January 11, for which she had to be transferred to an emergency health center to receive the necessary care from medical personnel.

Wikipedia defines obstetric hemorrhage as “a term used for bleeding that occurs during pregnancy, childbirth, or the puerperium. It is bleeding that can appear from the external genitalia or, more dangerously, an intra-abdominal hemorrhage ”.

In mid-December 2020, Fernanda Castillo became a mother with the arrival of her first-born Liam Hayser Castillo, the result of her consolidated love affair with Mexican actor Erik Hayser. At the time of the hemorrhage, the actress was only 3 weeks after giving birth.

Tv y Novelas México detailed that several of Castillo’s organs were compromised after suffering the obstetric hemorrhage, for which she had to be operated on in an emergency at the Spanish Hospital in Mexico City.

The Mexican publication assured that the 38-year-old interpreter was on the verge of death after suffering two heart attacks while undergoing surgery for obstetric hemorrhage. However, medical personnel was able to stabilize her.

After long hours of surgical intervention, Castillo was transferred to the intensive care area for observation and was later placed in a hospital room after recovering satisfactorily from the operation, according to the magazine Tv and Novelas México.

A Medigraphic study noted that obstetric hemorrhage remains the most common cause of maternal mortality worldwide, equivalent to 530,000 deaths a year.

Infobae reported that Fernanda Castillo is currently out of danger and was discharged from the Spanish Hospital in Mexico City. At the moment, the actress’s relatives have not offered statements to the media.

Angelique Boyer spoke about the health status of Fernanda Castillo

Last Friday, January 15, Angelique Boyer offered an exclusive interview to Adela Micha where she spoke about the health of Fernanda Castillo, one of her great friends in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry.

“I know it’s okay, thank God it’s okay and I think that at any moment Erik will come out to tell what happened. We did not expect this news at all, but we hope it happens soon and that she is at home enjoying her baby, ” Boyer explained.

In her conversation with Micha, the Mexican actress pointed out that it was not her responsibility to talk about her friend’s state of health.

What did Fernanda Castillo’s mother say about her daughter’s health?


Cecilia García Barrios, the mother of Fernanda Castillo, spoke through social networks to thank each of the people who have been aware of the health status of her famous daughter: “Hello, thank you all for your nice messages for me and my daughter Fer. I want to share with you that I received the most beautiful birthday gift I have ever received on January 11. After how serious it was, to see my daughter alive ”.

Castillo’s mother continued to mention: “I dedicate, to all mothers who have lost a child of any age, a prayer for the speedy healing of their soul.”

So far, Fernanda Castillo has not offered any kind of statement to the media about her health.

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