Eugene Robinson Health Update: Conversations About His Illness

Eugene Robinson Health

The latest news about Eugene Harold Robinson, an American newspaper columnist suffering from the illness, has been circulating on the internet. As the news spreads, a situation of concerns and ambiguity is raised as people seek answers to their questions. In this article, we will delve into the clarity of the ongoing rumor and also … Read more

Jorge Salinas With Health Problems; He Fears He Will Be Paralyzed

Jorge Salinas Health Problems

Mexico City.- Jorge Salinas explained that, although he has resorted to different treatments, including marijuana, none has been very helpful. Jorge Salinas is having health problems due to back pain. The actor revealed that despite this, he feels lucky to be alive. It may interest you:  Jorge Salinas will undergo a rigorous diet to lose weight … Read more

Carmelita Salinas Has Little Brain Activity: Health Status

Carmelita Salinas Has Mild Brain Activity

The health of the Mexican actress Carmelita Salinas is reserved, as she is given little hope of being able to wake up from the coma she suffered from a stroke; however, relatives still have hope. As reported by her new Carmen Plascencia and her nephew Gustavo Briones, the 82-year-old woman has brain activity despite being … Read more

Carmen Salinas Is Still Serious And They Expect A Miracle: Everything That Is Known About Her Health

Carmen Salinas condition is critical,

Relatives of the actress affirm that her condition is critical, inoperable, and with few signs of improvement. The life of the Mexican actress Carmen Salinas hangs by a thread. In the early morning of November 11, she was rushed to a hospital in Mexico City after suffering a stroke. The actress’s granddaughter reported that Carmen … Read more

Carmen Salinas Is No Longer Going To Wake Up From A Coma

Carmen Salinas In Coma

The godson of Carmen Salinas, Jorge Nieto, announced that according to information from neurologists, the spill caused irreversible damage Mexico.- Carmen Salinas, actress and former deputy, is no longer going to wake up from a coma, after suffering a stroke, according to the words of her godson, Jorge Nieto. You might be interested (VIDEO) If … Read more

Vicente Fernández Jr. Spoke About His Father’s Accident

Vicente Fernández Jr

The singer’s son affirmed that he is very concerned about the state of health of “Charro de Huentitán”, who is admitted to intensive care and serious due to a fall at home A few hours ago, the hospitalization of the singer Vicente Fernández was announced after a fall. The doctors reported his state of health … Read more

Willie Colón, Seriously Injured By Accident In The USA

Willie Colon accident

What happened to Willie’s colon? The New York salsa singer Willie Colón is in serious health due to a traffic accident he suffered on a trip with his wife, through the state of North Carolina, in the United States. An official statement about the health of the salsero, who was involved in the accident on April … Read more

Alberto Fujimori, Hospitalized For Respiratory Problems

Alberto Fujimori Hospitalized

According to Keiko, her 82-year-old father tested negative for a rapid covid-19 antigen test on Friday night. The octogenarian former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori underwent tests in a clinic this Saturday to determine if the cause of his respiratory problems is due to covid-19, reported his daughter Keiko Fujimori. “He is undergoing a series of … Read more

Roberto Tapia Breaks The Silence About Rafael Amaya’s State Of Health.

Rafael Amaya Health

Rafael Amaya is immersed in a great controversy after a video was released a few days ago in which he apparently suffered a nervous breakdown on the streets of Tijuana in Mexico. However, Roberto Tapia spoke through his social networks to publicize the current state of health of his great friend. In a video that was published … Read more