The producer and screenwriter died of heart failure and after several decades of fighting cancer, according to the American outlet Deadline

The writer and producer of series such as The Simpsons and Two and a Half Men, David Richardson, passed away this January 18 at the age of 65.

Richardson passed away due to heart failure and after several decades of fighting cancer, according to the American outlet Deadline .

The screenwriter celebrated his 65th birthday last Christmas Eve, having finished the fifth and final season of Netflix’s animated adult series F is for Family, on which he served as executive producer.

The producer began his career in 1985 as a writer on the Michael Leeson / Carsey-Werner series Grand for NBC; He also worked in comedies such as Empty Nest, Malcolm in the Middle, 8 Simple Rules, Phenom, Ed and What About Joan, Two and a Half Men, among others such as The Simpsons.

In the legendary cartoon of the yellow characters Richardson wrote the iconic episode ‘Homer Loves Flanders’ from season 5 of The Simpsons . This episode received the most positive reviews from television critics, as well as being the third most-watched show on Fox the week it aired.

He began his writing career in 1985 thanks to Michael Leeson’s series Grand , which starred Pamela Red and Bonnie Hunt. And then he played in the comedy Empty Nest.

“I met David in 2000, when he was my boss at What About Joan , and I never forgot how great he was as a writer, host and friend,” said Michael Price, creator with Bill Burr of F is for family .

“When I had the opportunity to become a showrunner on F Is For family , he was the first person I called to add to the staff. (…) He was my right hand, always throwing great jokes, masterful with the story and just a great guy. His fingerprints are in every frame of the show and his loss is immeasurable to me, “added Prince.

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