Exatlón México: These Are The Participants Confirmed So Far For The Fifth Season

The next season of the reality show will be called “Guardianes vs Conquistadores”

In recent days, several participants have been confirmed for the fifth season of Exatlón México , which will have as its title the name of the new teams: Guardianes vs Conquistadores and will be presented by sportscaster Antonio Rosique , who will host the program for the fifth consecutive year.

On the list of those officially confirmed by TV Azteca there are old participants of the reality show and new talents who will compete for the prize of two million pesos between performance and physical resistance tests.

In total there will be 22 participants that will be distributed between the two teams, the members will be the already known David Juárez, Macky González and Valery Carranza , as well as Jahir Ocampo, Dan Noyola, Evelyn Guijarro, AideeHernández, Javi Márquez, Marysol Cortés, Haber Gallegos, Irving Acosta, Yusef Farah and Keno Martell.

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