Exatlón México: These Are The Participants Confirmed So Far For The Fifth Season

Exatlón México Fifth Season

The next season of the reality show will be called “Guardianes vs Conquistadores” In recent days, several participants have been confirmed for the fifth season of Exatlón México , which will have as its title the name of the new teams: Guardianes vs Conquistadores and will be presented by sportscaster Antonio Rosique , who will host the program for the fifth consecutive year. On … Read more

Marco Beltrán Was Accused By His Partner Of Physical And Psychological Violence

Marco Beltrán Was Accused By His Partner

The athlete was reported to the authorities and this Wednesday through social networks of his ex-girlfriend Marco Beltrán, who participated in Exatlón México during the second season of the reality show and who is a UFC Mixed Martial Arts professional, was accused on Wednesday afternoon of alleged physical and psychological violence by his former partner. The young woman who calls herself on … Read more

Steph Gómez, Athlete Of Exatlón México, Dies Of Covid-19

Steph Gómez Died

The athlete remained hospitalized for a few weeks due to the deadly virus A few moments ago, the morning program Venga La Alegría confirmed the sensitive death of the prominent Exatlón México athlete, Steph Gómez, who for a few days was hospitalized for complications related to the new Covid-19 coronavirus. Through social networks, the broadcast of the Ajusco television … Read more

They Ask For Blood Donors For Steph Gómez After Hospitalization

Steph Gómez Hospitalized

The reality athlete has been hospitalized in serious condition since May 26 Stephania Gómez Vargas is the full name of this former participant, who has been receiving medical attention at the Puebla Hospital since last Wednesday, May 26, as she is infected with COVID-19. Through her Instagram stories, Mati Álvarez, winner of the most recent edition of Exatlón México, informed her followers that her … Read more

Exatlón México: Steph Gómez Was Hospitalized For COVID-19

Steph Gómez Hospitalized

The athlete’s family members requested support to cover medical expenses as she is in serious condition Stephania Gómez Vargas is the full name of this former participant, who is currently receiving medical attention at the Puebla Hospital because she is infected with COVID-19. According to her relatives, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner was hospitalized on Wednesday, May 26, however, the accounts that share program updates … Read more

Exatlón México Vs Exatlón USA: Which Members Will Return For The Special Program

Exatlón México Vs Exatlón USA

According to leaks, the names of the Mexican athletes who will participate in the broadcast that will face contenders from both editions were confirmed Prior to the premiere of the fifth season of Exatlón México, information has been leaked about a competition that could end the wait for fans of the sports reality show. It is a special … Read more

Exatlón México: When Will The Fifth Season Begin Filming

Exatlón México

A spoiler account revealed details about the next installment of the sports reality show The resounding success of the fourth installment of Exatlón México is undeniable. Benjamin Salinas, vice president of the Board of Directors of Grupo Salinas, announced in a tweet that the sports show had the most audience in programming TV Aztec, so it is not surprising … Read more

Exatlón México Against Exatlón USA: In Which Edition There Is More Money In Prizes

Exatlón México Against Exatlón USA

In addition to the larger prizes that the winners of the program take, it is also possible to win as many “small” prizes that they can obtain with special challenges or with their famous Exastores There is no doubt that Exatlón is one of the most popular programs among the Spanish-speaking population. Just a few weeks ago this reality … Read more

Are Pato Araujo And Zudikey Rodríguez Expecting Their First Child?

Pato Araujo And Zudikey Rodríguez

The winner of the fourth season said in an interview if he and his wife will soon have a new member in the family Patricio Araujo and Zudikey Rodríguez have fond memories of Exatlón México, a reality show where they met and forged their love until the marriage was made. The two figures of the … Read more

Exatlón México: Hardest Confession Of Antonio Rosique About His Illness

Antonio Rosique

The Exatlón México driver revealed new details about the disease that affects him and that causes him problems during his daily life Antonio Rosique achieved a high degree of popularity in the Mexican viewer, especially after the great success of the fourth season of Exatlón México. The sports journalist has already earned a place in the Mexican family … Read more