Chuy Almada Receives An Important Incentive. What is it about?

Since the star sports reality of the Telemundo network, Exatlon United States, began broadcasting five seasons ago, we have met different men and women who have not only become role models for their admirable sports skills but have also been their inexhaustible charisma which has led them to become true stars in social networks, such as the case of “El Toro” Chuy Almada, dear “life” member of Team Contendientes in the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”.

Chuy Almada: A great one in the sands of Exatlon United States

Chuy’s history at the Exatlon United States has been full of triumphs, but also difficult moments. The 31-year-old Mexican participated for the first time in the first edition of the competition program, with an admirable performance that from his first passes made him an instant favourite to win, but unfortunately this was not the case, as the constant enemy of athletes in the Exatlon United States, injuries, knocked on his door and forced him to leave the competition.

Then came a second chance to complete the goal he would have set for himself in season four. A difficult edition, which was plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic that affected the then presenter of the competition, Erasmo Provenza, several of the athletes of Team Contendientes, including Chuy, and even members of the production. This situation reduced his performance in the arenas, and he was defeated in the final stage.

A new opportunity to prove yourself

But already leaving the Exatlon United States stage behind, and close to becoming a father, another challenge presented itself in Chuy’s path, and in his competitive nature, the Navajoense could not say no, thus joining another reality test show Athletics on June 22, it is about Guerreros México, where he shares with another very beloved athlete from the Exatlon United States, Raquel Becker.

In the Televisa network show, the participants are subjected to different tests of physical and mental strength. As expected, Chuy Almada has stood out as one of the favourites, even receiving several recognitions for his performance.

Recently, Chuy, along with Julio Ron, and Rodrigo, received a cash bonus for being the best players of the week, and his reaction, of course, was shared with his almost half a million followers through his Instagram profile:

“Look what I have in my hands !!! 😃🥇 I tell you that today I was given this award and I share with you this very chingon moment !!!!

Super grateful and blessed for this recognition, I could write thousands of things expressing what I feel, however, I summarize it this way:

Every effort pays off, thank you all for your support, but above all for that infinite love that I receive from you in each of your messages.

My respects to all the lions who are tremendous athletes and who make me demand the maximum of myself every day, not to give up and to give myself completely on each track.

My commitment continues ON FOOT as always, to continue striving as a team to be crowned as CHAMPIONS this season, that’s how it will be !.

I leave you a hug and God bless you !!! 💙🐂🐍  # warriors2021

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