The news was confirmed by the famous television program; here are all the details.

On the morning of this Thursday, August 26, the entertainment world dressed in mourning after the sensitive death of one of the most beloved and outstanding participants of the reality show Falling in love was reported.

The 29-year-old girl would have suffered a heart attack, according to other media. The young lady died in the eye of her grandmother, a companion, and her husband.

Through its social networks, the television program lamented the sensitive death of the Mexican, Daniela Rodríguez, 29, who a few days ago surprised her followers by sharing a photograph without her beautiful knight.

A few days ago, the famous participant uploaded a photograph on social networks in which she posed from a hospital with her husband Darwin Cipion; both expressed their love in front of their thousands of followers.

The fans of Falling in love with the United States expressed their concern after Daniela Rodríguez uploaded an image from the hospital and without her hair, so it was speculated that she was not living the best moment of health.

They fire her on social media

In her Instagram account, Falling in love with the United States, he regretted the sensitive death of Daniela Rodríguez, whom they remembered as a happy woman who always believed in love at first sight.

“On behalf of the entire Enamorándonos USA team, we deeply regret the passing of Daniela Rodríguez. We will always remember her as a happy woman, who believed in love at first sight and was the first to form a relationship with her husband”, it reads in the message.

After the announcement, the followers of the reality show regretted what happened and sent their condolences to family and friends. In addition, they remembered some of the participations that he had throughout the television program.

How did Daniela Rodríguez die?

As we mentioned before, a few days ago, Daniela Rodríguez shared a message from the hospital with her husband, so many speculated that she was fighting a complicated disease.

However, she pointed out that she was not in serious condition and that everything was fine, so her sudden death raised many doubts, as many details that she hid her true state of health.

David Poletti, the doctor who treated Daniela, confirmed that her death was caused by respiratory arrest. Rodríguez’s death not only shocked the public but also the conductor Rafael Araneda, who witnessed the union between Daniela Rodríguez and Darwin Cipion last April. She was incredulous about the death of the former participant.

On August 25, Daniela was in a consultation about her hair loss at the Derma Norte clinic, in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Upon leaving the clinic, Daniela suffered a “cardiac arrest.” “She came to consult with her husband, both of them were cared for. She was told that from New York she would send me her results by email. They came from Pedregoso, Zacatecas, because the Dominican man came to meet her family. They had little that they got married, “said Dr. David Poletti in an interview with Univisión.

Before suffering cardiorespiratory arrest, Daniela was on a medical appointment with Dr. Poletti. “Several patients recommended Pedregoso to me, they came and (Daniela and Darwin) were about to leave for New York on Sunday,” he added. The doctor said that she was in a “medical consultation” because “she had a mixed problem with her scalp.”

The doctor made it clear that when she was treated, “no procedure was applied, nor did the patient take any medication.” And he added: “There was only a clinical review” and that Daniela shared her medical history record in which she commented that “from the age of 19 she had something or had something pending in her heart, she could never give it as a diagnosis. I don’t know if she had an aneurysm in her coronary artery, in one of the most important, the coronary artery, but she knows, she knew, she reported that they did three catheterizations. She did not finish defining it, she no longer followed it up ”.

Almost a month ago, the love affair published the first photograph in which she was seen without her emblematic long hair but clarified that she was not suffering from any illness. So far, the cause of Daniela’s death has not been revealed.

After finding love, the lovers decided to have a date that was a success and from that moment they dedicated themselves to being together and even made romantic trips, their first destination being New York, however, due to the pandemic they had to separate geographically, him in NY and she in Atlanta, but love never changed.

After being separated for some time, Daniela and Darwin got engaged and on April 26 they got married in Enamorándonos during a special ceremony of the program, in which they saw their love born.

In a photo that she published almost at the same time and that she dedicated to her “beautiful and beloved Mexico,” her husband wrote to her: “I love you more and more.”

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