Dominican Rapper Relámpago la Amenaza Dies

The rapper based in the United States made a collaboration with the “Mayor Clásico”.

The Dominican rapper living in the United States, known as “Relámpago La Amenaza”, passed away. The news was announced by Santiago Matías on his Alofoke Radio Show program.

“Rapper  Relámpago la Amenaza just passed away in New York City,” quoting the producer known as Ayayay, who shared the information via WhatsApp.

“He was a young rapper that we interviewed him several times on Alofoke radio,” he said without giving details of the cause of the death of the exponent.

He clarified that the death was not violent and that it is the family that must give the details of the death of the young man.

“Relámpago La Amenaza” became popular with the song “Moviendo los kilos” together with the Mayor Clásico, who expressed his regret for the death of the urban artist.

“May God have you in a better place brother,” he wrote next to a fragment of the video they made together.

Other exponents such as Celky Viciny also showed their sadness for the death of the young man.

“My broth, may God have you in a better place, I have always said it and I will say it for me you were the best parrot in New York City. Strength for your father that I know must be going crazy … I woke up now and the first thing I see is this, may God give you a side in his abode. Your battle is over, ”he wrote.

“Unfortunately we lose a young man with a lot of potential, a very tough rapper, but that discipline, perseverance and hard work did not accompany him in this part of his career and his life,” said Matías when giving the news in a video that hung up on Alofoke Radio Show.

He said that although the young man was not in his best moment, he was the owner of very good songs, among which he highlighted “Panda” and “Valentine’s Day.”

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