Who Is Olivia Dunne, The Tiktok Gymnast Who Could Become A Millionaire

She is only 18 years old and could benefit from a new NCAA regulation that favors college athletes financially.

It has been years since discussions began about the income of college athletes in the United States , where the most important athletes in the country emerge from these academic competitions. Last month one of the biggest changes in history took place: the Board of Directors of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) approved that these young people begin to generate income for their fame and one of the great beneficiaries is Olivia Paige Dunne .

Dunne , just 18 years old , a gymnast at Louisiana State University (LSU) , has enormous popularity on social media and is one of the half a million athletes who will be able to start closing their own endorsement deals without violating the rules of the sport. amateur that have been around for decades.

“It is important for college athletes because everyone will be able to take advantage of their name and image,” said Mark Emmert , president of the NCAA, who will no longer place restrictions on Olivia and other young people receiving money from sponsors , promotions on social networks or appearances at events.

Dunnne , who has already competed for the United States national team , has nearly four million followers on TikTok and more than one million on Instagram . From this popularity and athletic performance, she has signed a contract with the sports agency WME , which categorizes as “college athlete most followed on social networks” and notes that accumulates more than 5 million ofWho I followers among all profiles.

Supported by her social media activity, Newsweek magazine predicted that she could “easily make a million dollars” in the near future.

She herself admitted in a publication that she is happy with the latest change in the NCAA rules that allows athletes to benefit from their name, likeness and image (NIL) . In a post on her Twitter account, Olivia Dunne wrote: “The NIL rules will change tomorrow. Let’s go to work ” .

Now the daughter of David and Katherine Dunne , who has practiced gymnastics since she was 3 years old and chose LSU to develop her athleticism, will begin to profit from this great victory of the college athletes who have long been used by institutions for commercial gain. , without being able to benefit themselves.

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