Daniela Rodríguez, Former Participant Of Enamorándonos, Dies At 29

Just last April 26, Daniela Rodríguez got married live in Enamorándonos con Darwin Cipion. Both the family of the Mexican and the show today are in mourning.

One of the most beloved ‘lovers’ of Falling in love, Daniela Rodríguez, died at the age of 29, according to the show itself from her official Instagram account this Thursday, August 26.

“On behalf of the entire Enamorándonos USA team, we deeply regret the passing of Daniela Rodríguez. We hope that her soul can rest in peace. We will always remember her as a happy woman, who believed in love at first sight and was the first to form a relationship with her husband, Darwin Cipion. We will always remember you, with much affection, “reads the profile of the show where they became the first couple who fell in love with him.

This has been the love story of Daniela and Darwin, the second official wedding couple of Enamorándonos.

The death of the Mexican, who came to Falling in love in 2019 when she was 27 years old, has been a surprise. It is released just hours after she appeared in a short clip that she posted on her Instagram stories where she looked with a mask and no hair in what appeared to be a hospital waiting room. She was next to her husband. In a photo that she published almost at the same time and that she dedicated to her “beautiful and beloved Mexico, ” her husband wrote to her: “I love you more and more.”

On July 30, Daniela Rodríguez published the first photo in which she appeared without her long hair, but clarified that “she was not experiencing any illness.” Just on April 26 of this year, she had gotten married live in Falling in love with Darwin Cipion. On December 5, she was going to turn 30 years old.

Dedicated to being an insurance agent, Rodríguez came to the first season of the UniMás show with the firm intention of finding a man with whom she could share moments, as she said from the first episodes. In turn, Cipion claimed to seek love and a partner who would understand him, since he came from a relationship that did not accept that she took her mother to live with them.

The couple went on their first date and it was a success. Afterward, the lovers had their first trip and went to New York City. By the end of September 2019, they announced the official start of their courtship. When the covid-19 pandemic started, the couple separated geographically. She stayed in Atlanta, Georgia, while she was in New York. But despite the distance, their romance continued.

In the middle of the distance, they decided to get engaged, after Darwin Cipion graduated from a BA in Communication. The date of the ceremony was April 26 and was broadcast in a special broadcast of the show where they saw their love born. Rest in peace, Daniela Rodríguez.

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