Carmen Salinas Is No Longer Going To Wake Up From A Coma

The godson of Carmen Salinas, Jorge Nieto, announced that according to information from neurologists, the spill caused irreversible damage

Mexico.- Carmen Salinas, actress and former deputy, is no longer going to wake up from a coma, after suffering a stroke, according to the words of her godson, Jorge Nieto.

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Nieto commented through an interview with a national media that the actress was valued by three neurologists, who agreed that “the Stroke caused irreversible damage.”

“ What they are telling us is that she is no longer going to wake up, but we are waiting for a miracle, anything could happen. It is inoperable where the damage was, “he added.

They tried to hack into your WhatsApp account

The nephew of Carmen Salinas, Gustavo Briones, announced that someone tried to hack the WhatsApp account of Carmen Salinas, in order to ask for money in her name.

“Regarding my aunt’s WhatsApp, right now they tried to hack me. I received messages right now that I should enter some codes, you see that right now it is fashionable that they ask for money, obviously, I did not put them in, ”he explained.

He mentioned that medical expenses are being paid by the National Association of Actors ( ANDA ).

“ANDA is supporting us, since my aunt is a life member and there will be expenses that will not be within what ANDA covers, but they are giving us all the attention here in the hospital, ” he added.

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