Like few times, Camila Sodi opened her heart about one of the most complicated episodes of her life, her sentimental break with Diego Luna. The actress was more transparent than ever and broke down great episodes of her private life in the most recent installment of her podcast, The Magic of Chaos, next to Aislinn Derbez.

The interpreter shared how she managed to cope with this difficult process, which allowed her to rediscover herself and redefine her concept of love, always aware that her former partner will occupy a very special place in her history, as he is also the father of her two children: Fiona and Jerónimo, for whom they maintain a close and cordial relationship.

“It is my family for life,” She said, referring to Diego during the talk with Aislinn, who has also shown that She maintains a close relationship with Mauricio Ochmann after announcing their separation.

Camila confessed how she faced that decisive moment in her life, in which her idea of ​​marriage changed completely, which allowed her to rethink her path in a definitive way.

“I don’t wish it on anyone (separation), with children… an expectation dies, the social construction of what a family has to die. Obviously, the emotional part hurts, but the structural part hurts a lot, the structures fall off, then rearrange that, because socially a family ‘has to be like this, or a family ‘works this way, then reconnect and to ask you, what does it mean to me? and what is important to me? As you drop everything so that you can build it again as you want, “She said.

During the talk, Thalia’s niece recalled a hard moment that she lived on the street next to Diego and that she remembers to this day because while she had a heated discussion prior to her divorce and a fan interrupted them to ask for an autograph.

“I was crying, a super bastard scene, we were in the process (of divorce) and I will never forget: ‘Sorry to interrupt you but you can give me an autograph’, I couldn’t, I turned to see him crying like unhinged and I said ‘you dared’. I couldn’t believe the situation, I got stuck, it was worth them ”, She said.

Camila also revealed how she lived the period after her separation because after focusing on her family, she had to resume her career, something that was not easy.

“I got divorced and it was, ‘No, I don’t have money, what am I doing?’ I left my career for six years, I did not work at all, six years. I dedicated myself to being a mother and it was the best in the universe and it was a wonderful decision, and no one is going to give me back the first six years of my children, so I expressly decided to dedicate myself to them, ”she said.

In addition, She acknowledged that he went through periods of anguish when She realized the situation he was going through. “I got divorced, I returned to Mexico and I no longer knew anyone, the whole industry had changed. I was a bit like that in a strange limbo, it gave me absolute and total anguish, it was not a career thing, it was a money thing that ‘I have two children’ I think I had $ 100 in the bank, “She confessed.


However, the interpreter confessed that her divorce helped her reconnect with herself and at the same time evaluate everything that is important to her, so after that experience, she dedicated herself to working with the firm intention of being able to move forward. With her children, a new job arrived and she revealed that “there was a whirlwind” of projects where she realized that she no longer had time for her personal life.

“I feel like it now, not for a long time because I was working on rebuilding myself and my concepts and everything we’ve been talking about, but I think I’m in a fairly mature place emotionally,” She concluded.

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