Exatlón México: When Will The Fifth Season Begin Filming

A spoiler account revealed details about the next installment of the sports reality show

The resounding success of the fourth installment of Exatlón México is undeniable. Benjamin Salinas, vice president of the Board of Directors of Grupo Salinas, announced in a tweet that the sports show had the most audience in programming TV Aztec, so it is not surprising that the fifth season is confirmed a few days from the final.

This news was released on April 14 during a special event where some participants of the reality show met. The broadcast was hosted by Mónica Castañeda and Capi Pérez, who, amid the euphoria, reported that there would be a new installment of the program.

Since then, little official information has been released about the fifth season of Exatlón México, but recently a spoiler account revealed what could be the date that they will begin filming.

Photo: Screenshot Instagram / @ spoilersexa1

According to an Instagram story from the profile @ spoilersexa1, the filming of Exatlón México: the fifth season will begin on July 10. Although this news has not been confirmed by official accounts of the program, on more than one occasion the leaks disseminated on social networks have affected the production of TV Azteca, as happened days before the final held on Sunday, April 4. .

Before the end of the competition, information about the participation of former contestants was leaked on social networks in order to support the finalists. Among the names that were released were: Pamela, David, Doris, Jasmine, Zamara, and Keno.

Due to this and other leaks, the television station made the decision to broadcast the last episode of the reality show live, so as not to allow any spoilers. It is worth mentioning that the challenges and activities during the program were prerecorded since the programming times did not allow it to be broadcast live, so on more than one occasion some injured or eliminated participants were revealed.


As is customary in physical challenge contests, the possibility is always open for athletes from past seasons to return for a rematch. Although there are a wide variety of names to choose from, it was David Juárez “La Bestia” who confirmed his return to the program in Venga la Alegría .

” The story of La Bestia is not over, ” he said during the morning of TV Azteca without hiding his excitement at having a new opportunity to demonstrate his physical abilities. This gymnast has been part of the reality show contestants since the third season ; On that occasion, Contendientes participated as a member and reached the quarterfinals.

Months later, “La Bestia” returned for Exatlón México: Titanes vs Héroes . Despite the fact that the athlete claimed to have the goal of winning the championship, he suffered a hand injury that caused his departure from reality to undergo an emergency operation .

The athlete tried to rejoin the contest after a few weeks of recovery, but David made the final decision to prioritize his health and withdraw completely from the fourth installment of the program: “ I am not going to return to Exatlon due to health issues. It was a very difficult decision to make, but I always believe that decisions made based on health are very wise decisions ”.


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