Diego Luna Net Worth (2022) Biography, Family, & More

Diego Luna Net Worth

Diego Luna net worth in 2022 Diego Luna Alexander is an actor, producer, and film and television director of Mexican nationality. As of 2022, Diego Luna net worth is $15 million. Full Name:  Diego Luna Alexander Age: 42 years old Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) Net Worth: $15 million Profession: Actor, Film Producer, … Read more

Camila Sodi Revealed The Secret Of Her Divorce

Camila Sodi Divorce

Like few times, Camila Sodi opened her heart about one of the most complicated episodes of her life, her sentimental break with Diego Luna. The actress was more transparent than ever and broke down great episodes of her private life in the most recent installment of her podcast, The Magic of Chaos, next to Aislinn Derbez. The interpreter shared … Read more