The entertainment world is in mourning after the unfortunate news of the death of the famous singer Armando Manzanero at 85 years of age due to complications derived from his COVID-19 diagnosis was released.

Mexican journalist Pati Chapoy confirmed the news through her official account on the Twitter platform: “With pain in my heart I inform you that #ArmandoManzanero died.”

Laura Blum, the representative of Armando Manzanero, confirmed that the musician’s death occurred in the early hours of this Monday, December 28, 2020.

The Mexican announcer Javier Poza confirmed the death of Manzanero on the official Twitter account of his radio program: “Last hour! The teacher #ArmandoManzanero died at the age of 85 after a fight against Covid-19. One of the most important composers in Mexico is leaving. Via @javierpoza ”.

The prominent Mexican journalist Joaquin Lopez-Doriga reported on his official Twitter account that the cause of Manzanero’s death would have been cardiac arrest. So far, his family has not commented on the matter.

Armando Manzanero is survived by his 7 children, 14 grandchildren, and his wife, Laura Elena Villa, to whom he has been married since 2014.

Armando Manzanero was diagnosed with COVID-19

On December 11, 2020, Armando Manzanero was honoured in Yucatán with a cultural space inauguration in honour of his outstanding musical contribution. At that time, the musician attended the public event that was attended by Mexican politicians. A few days later, Manzanero began to have symptoms related to COVID-19.

The Mexican interpreter was confined in a clinical centre in Mexico City since last December 17 after being diagnosed with COVID-19. At that time, the news of his contagion was confirmed by the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM).

“The Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM) reports that teacher Armando Manzanero tested positive for COVID-19 and is being treated in accordance with established medical protocols. We appreciate the concern and displays of affection from the authors and composers, the general public and the media, ”stated the SACM through a post on Twitter

Since he was confined to a health centre, Manzanero had not presented any type of complications derived from his diagnosis. However, his relatives released a press release in which they assured that he had been intubated for respiratory complications that he had presented in recent days.

As detailed in the press release, the teacher Manzanero was intubated as a result of physical exhaustion after thanking by telephone contact each of the messages of solidarity he received from his friends and relatives for his state of health.

“In his medical condition this meant physical exhaustion, so the specialist doctors decided to intubate him, with the full consent and authorization of Armando Manzanero himself, this December 22, to receive mechanical ventilation support, in a state of rest without distractors, and thus be able to allow the respiratory system to reestablish itself”, they detailed in the press release.

After being intubated, Manzanero presented a favourable improvement according to reports from the medical staff who were treating him: “During the same day that said mechanical ventilation was implemented, the interpreter and composer had an optimistic state of health”.

Relatives of Manzanero denied the news of his death during the weekend.


Through a press release published on Armando Manzanero’s official Instagram account, the musician’s relatives lamented the wave of rumours that had circulated on social networks during the weekend about the death of the famous Mexican artist.

“Family members of maestro Armando Manzanero deny the alleged death by COVID-19 of the award-winning composer, whose work has made Yucatan and Mexico famous. The King of Romanticism is still hospitalized in Mexico City, fighting a battle against COVID-19,” they emphasized in the press release.

“The family of the teacher Manzanero regrets that this false news circulates on social networks, ‘especially because of the hope that the medical report gave’ a few hours ago. After denying the rumors, they ask friends, family and admirers to continue praying for the prompt restoration of his health,” said the Manzanero family in the press release.

Armando Manzanero suffered from diabetes.

In December 2017, Armando Manzanero announced that he had suffered from diabetes for forty years, a diagnosis that did not prevent him from maintaining a favorable state of health.

“I get along wonderfully well, that makes me sweeter. I believe that this has been the success I have had with diabetes, I have not given it the tragic importance that everyone gives it,” Manzanero confessed about his condition.

“Nothing can improve me, and nothing can make me worse, so the failures that come may come, and it is worth a damn …”, mentioned the musician in December 2017 when expressing himself about his diagnosis with diabetes.

Armando Manzanero: His musical legacy

Armando Manzanero was born in the city of Merida, in Yucatán on December 7, 1935, and to date, he has been one of the most important Spanish-speaking interpreters of all time.

Throughout his artistic career, Manzanero wrote more than 400 songs, of which more than 50 have achieved worldwide recognition.

“We are boyfriends”, “This afternoon I saw it rain” and “With you, I learned” are some of Armando Manzanero’s hits that have become a reference for many generations in Spanish-speaking music.

Until the time of his death, Manzanero served as President of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM).

The Mexican singer was honoured with a Grammy Award for Career Art for his significant contributions to the music industry. Likewise, the Billboard Latin Music Awards honoured him with a tribute in the 2020 edition that was held in the city of Miami, Florida.

Manzanero participated in countless radio and television programs, recorded more than 30 albums and scored numerous films.

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