Poncho And Dulce Maria’s Reaction After RBD’s Reunion

This December 26, one of the most anticipated events for the ‘Rebelde’ generation took place, and that is that the RBD reunited with a new song, but with the great absence of Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Herrera and Dulce Maria.
Anahí, Christopher Uckermann, Christian Chávez and Maite Perroni delighted their followers by interpreting their greatest hits, in the middle of production worthy of a concert and even with costume changes.
Of course, the fans highlighted the great absence of two members, who for personal reasons, decided not to be part of this single event, however, that was not an impediment to being present through social networks.
It was through his Twitter account that Poncho Herrera, who has just become a father for the second time, shared a message in which he showed his emotion after seeing his teammates together on stage.

Meanwhile, Dulce Maria, who has just premiered as a mother, did the same through the same social network where she thanked her followers for being with her in these years, despite the fact that she could not be at the reunion.

The reactions of the users were immediate and varied, from who supported both artists in their decision to stay at home with their newborns, to those who claimed that they would stop being their fans, because they should not deny their past in RBD.

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