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Charles Edgar Walker Hayes, an American songwriter, and singer famous for producing country pop was born on 27 December 1979 in Mobile, Alabama. He is 42 years old Alabama native. Do you want to know about Walker Hayes’ Net Worth? 

It took ages for Walker to reach where Hayes is today. However, he broke into the country’s mainstream after his top ten hits in 2017.

Walker was raised in Alabama by his father, Charles Hayes, an estate agent. Unfortunately, he lost his father in 2021. Simultaneously as a child and in his teenage life, Hayes would spend much of his time in sports and music, which Hayes had been keen interest in. Later in 2002, he earned a bachelor’s degree in piano and music, graduated from Birmingham Southern College, and then got into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Quick Bio

Birth Name Charles Edgar Walker Hayes
Date of Birth 27 December 1979 ( 42 years old)
Birth Place Alabama, United States
Religion Christianity
Education Bachelor’s degree in music
Profession Song-writer, singer
Category Pop country
Instruments Piano, vocals, guitar years
Years working 2010-present day
Wife Laney Beville Hayes
Walker Hayes Net Worth  $4.5 million USD

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How did Walker Hayes get famous?

In the beginning, Hayes had a rigid start to prosperity and faced a great deal of deformity, transform evaluation and affiliation. However, the beginning of his popularity had hit the trail after he signed an agreement and released his first single record in 2010 called Pants.

Was Walker Hayes on the voice? The answer is yes.

Before becoming a successful singer, Walker moved to Nashville with his wife in 2005 in the hope of getting into the music business, and he found a job writing songs for a Nashville publishing company. In search of his dream job, he signed a contract with Mercury Records Nashville. Nevertheless, he let go of the contract and proceeded to Capitol Records Nashville in 2010. Hayes released his first single, “Pants,” which had incepted at number 60 on the Hot Country Songs chart going steady with the ending week of 18 September 2010.

This song had gained popularity among many big stars like Kyle Ward of Roughstock, who had rated this song 3.5 out of 5 stars. Hayes launched the video for his single in December 2010. He also popped up on an episode of the show 19 Kids and counting. His second single, “Why Wait for Summer”, was released in 2011. Both singles Hayes made an appearance on the album of Capitol Records, namely under Reason to Rhyme.

After no longer having his contract with Capitol Records to establish, he worked at a Costco.

Walker’s Oh So Damn Music Career:

In 2014, He sang vocals and co-wrote “Dirty Side” from Colt Ford’s album. On top of that, he also co-wrote Rodney Atkins’s single “Eat Sleep Love you Repeat.”
In 2016, Hayes declared a mass production assignation with SMACK and Shane McAnally, by which he liberated two extended plays.

He followed his first single for Monument Records named “You Broke up with Me,” showing up on Hayes’s first Monument Album, Boom. This album was his headway impact on the Billboard charts.

In 2018, he published a single named “90’s Country” these song lyrics comprise multiple instances to titles country songs from the ’90s.
In 2021, On 4 June, Hayes released “Country Stuff.”

“Fancy Like”, one of the tracks, became a thriving strike all over TikTok that reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 US and number one on the Hot Country Charts, fetching his highest-charting effort up to date.

In 2022, The Album Country Stuff is producing singles “U Gurl” and “AA.”

Walker Hayes’ Net Worth

Walker Hayes’ net worth is approximately 4.5 Million dollars. Moreover, Hayes has faced many ups and downs, from moving to Nashville with his wife searching for his dream job to losing his daughter.

Among all these, one of the hardest things was recovering from alcohol addiction. Still, he stood thick and thin throughout and is living the best life now with his beautiful family.  

Spouse & Children

Who is Walker Hayes’s wife?

Walker Hayes is married to Laney Beville Hayes, who he met in elementary school and then started dating later. Walker and Laney tied the knot in 2004 and have been living happily in their family bus, always on tour and exploring new places with their six beautiful children together.

What happened to Hayes’s baby?

In June 2018, Hayes and Laney’s seventh child, a daughter named Oakleigh Klover, died after several hours of birth due to Laney’s uterine rupture. The uterus cut off flow to the baby, suffocating her, which had been the cause of her death. Laney’s life was at risk, but they had difficulty suffering from the significant loss.

Did Walker Hayes win any awards?

contentedly accepted his favourite song award, “Fancy Like”, at the Country Now Awards, which had a pretty immense fan following after it got viral on the internet.

Hayes was somewhat thrilled and over the moon as his song “Fancy Like” had been the Favorite Viral Song of the year.

CMT Music Award Nominated “You Broke Up With Me Innovation video of the year 2018
American Music Award Nominated “Fancy Like”  Favorite Country Song 2021
Grammy Award Awaiting “Fancy Like”  Best Country So 2022

Walker Hayes is active on various social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. He has 868k followers on Instagram, where he loves sharing photos of his family and keeping his fans posted on the forum. Instagram is where he shared a little video about the tour of his family bus, which is their house on wheels, and they can go with their home anywhere they are touring.In June 2021, after releasing his viral Track Fancy, Hayes began making dance videos on TikTok, where he gained a ton of recognition, now having more than 2.1 million followers on the platform in a short period.

It is said that Walker Hayes’s eldest daughter, Lela manages all his social media.


Walker Hayes has faced many ups and downs, from moving to Nashville with his wife searching for his dream job to losing his daughter. Then the hardest was recovering from alcohol addiction. Still, he stood thick and thin throughout and is living the best life now with his beautiful family

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