How Did Nathan Drew Morgan Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Prosecutors said the unidentified shooter acted in self-defense when he fatally shot Nathan Drew Morgan, 29, who was drowning in Lake Keowee on Tuesday, the New York Post reported.

74-Year-Old Man Who Killed Young Man He Saved From Drowning in the USA Released: ‘Legitimate Defense’

In the US state of South Carolina, a 74-year-old man shot and killed the person he saved when he attacked him.

Authorities stated that the old man, whose identity was not disclosed on the grounds that it was self-defense, would not be charged.

The incident occurred at Keowee Lake on March 15.

Nathan Drew Morgan and his girlfriend fell off a jet ski without their life jackets, according to the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office.

The elderly couple, who were spending time on a boat on the lake, took action immediately to save Morgan and his girlfriend.

The elderly couple, whose identities have been kept secret, said that after Morgan got on the boat, he got angry and started attacking them.

His girlfriend tried to ease the tension by pushing Morgan back into the water. Boat owners took Morgan’s boat out again. However, as Morgan’s aggressive behavior continued, the old man grabbed his gun and shot the 29-year-old in the chest, killing him.

The gunman claimed that he was shot because he feared for the life of himself and his wife.

His friends reacted to the decision

Sheriff Mike Crenshaw reported that Morgan may have been drunk and they are awaiting the autopsy report. It is thought that Morgan wanted to get back to the jet ski, which continued to advance after they fell.

Prosecutors, who examined the evidence, announced that they had decided in self-defense and that no charges would be made.

On the other hand, Morgan’s friends reacted to the decision. Kelcie Bratton wrote on Facebook :

Anyone who knows Morgan knows it’s bullshit. Morgan doesn’t hurt or attack anyone unless he feels threatened.
Kesslin Cole called for the investigation to continue.

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