iDubbbz Net Worth: How Rich Is The Youtuber Actually In 2022?

iDubbbz Net Worth in 2022

The most googled question is what is iDubbbz net worth 2022? Why is he so famous? iDubbbz is a famous American Youtuber with an estimated net worth of $2 million. He started his career by uploading gaming videos. And now he is famously known as the creator of 3 congenial YouTube channels iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzgames.

You must be getting curious about the whereabouts of your favorite iDubbbz, the creator of Content Cop. Wait Then, let us provide you with all the juiciest celebrity gossip.

Early Life

iDubbbz was born in San Antonio, Texas, on July 27, 1990. His real name is Ian Carter. When it comes to the family, he has two brothers, Troy Carter and Kevin Carter. Later on, his parents got divorced, which made the siblings feel emotionally sensitive. Ian went to California State University San Marcos and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Ian Carter
Net Worth: $2 Million
Date Of Birth:
July 27, 1990
Place Of Birth: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 31 years old
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, California State University San Marcos
Siblings: Troy Carter and Kevin Carter
Father/mother name: Not known
Height: 6 ft 1 inch in 188cm 
Profession: YouTuber, Vlogger, Television producer
Last Updated: 2022

iDubbbz net worth and career

iDubbbz made his first youtube account in the year 2012 and published his first video on August 30, 2012, of himself playing a video. The video games were preliminary made up of Amnesia, Minecraft, and Overgrowth. He did this for at least a year and gained 2,602 followers. Soon he closed his channel and created a new channel with the name iDubbbztv on August 17. He carried on the same chain, he recorded his expressions while playing games. He also added his vlogs naming them gaming news crap where Ian used to discuss his take on upcoming game releases and his gaming activities.

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Kickstarter crap

Soon Ian took the iDubbbztv by a storm which becomes the center of the eye with 1,488,077 views. By the end of his second video, he started ranting about Kickstarter, sooner his whole feed started to facade more content of exposing Kickstarter crap. On August 6, 2014, he shifted his channel’s screenplay to bad unboxing. By around May 2015, he was able to achieve 100,000 subscribers.

iDubbbz net worth
iDubbbz / Photo

Content Cop the superstardom

 On December 13, 2015, iDubbbz went the extra mile. He uploaded the first video of his comedy show Content Cop; he used to discuss a hot controversial youtube topic. Content Cop is the real head-turner. His Youtube subscribers went from 200,000 to 500,000, with average views of approximately 900,000 views per video in a month. 

The overnight success was full of joys of springs. During Content Cop, he also kept uploading videos of Kickstarter crap and bad unboxing, but people were enjoying his gossip sessions over other Youtubers more. 

This punched over the weight. His videos were getting 25 million views maximum. 

Content Cop was also seen trending on Twitter. Content Cop has covered many episodes featuring many Youtube personalities “RiceGum”, “Keemstar”,” Tana Marie Mongeau”, and many others. Once, Philip DeFranco appreciated iDubbbz by saying, “no one does hit-pieces better than Ian.”

War of words, iDubbbz, and RiceGum

 On October 3, iDubbbz posted a 30-minute video that portrayed the whole character of RiceGum; In his video, he declared RiceGum a gay, dumb, talentless, and a “whiny Vietnamese wannabe gangsta.” He also added some old clips of RiceGum where he made fun of a rape survivor. This video reached millions of views.

RiceGum responds to the video by defending himself and backlashing iDubbbz, Before the verbal war sets down, RiceGum posted a rap song to which iDubbbz replied with a 13 mins video. 

iDubbbz net worth
iDubbbz / Photo

iDubbbz net worth, how much iDubbbzTV makes a year?

iDubbbzTV has over 7.93 Million subscribers, iDubbbzTV2 has around 3.09 Million subscribers, and finally, his gaming channel has over 870K subscribers. iDubbbz is also increasing its revenue from shirt sales. So the young and talented iDubbbz net worth is $2 M. Looking at his rapid growth rate, we can expect it to go higher.

 How much does iDubbbzTV make per day?

Along with a large fan following on his 3 Youtube channels, iDubbbzTV also enjoys great sponsorship in ads. Apart from his earning through views, he also makes good deep pockets from these ads. The estimated revenue is around $2465.75 per day.

 How much does iDubbbzTV make in a month?

If we look at his per day income which is $2465.75, this makes $73,972.5 around a month.

iDubbbz Girlfriend
iDubbbz Girlfriend / Photo

Who is iDubbbz Girlfriend? Is iDubbbz engaged?

iDubbbz has fallen head over heels in love with Anisa. Anisa Jomha is the lady love of iDubbbz; 9 weeks back, Anisa posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that says I said Yes; she also posted an adorable TikTok confirming their engagement. It was iDubbbz who proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Anisa, and she said yes. Fans filled the comment section with love and wished the couple a life of togetherness. iDubbbz has undoubtedly set the bar high; he never misses a chance to make his lady love feel special; he treats her like a queen. 

What happened to the iDubbbz girlfriend?

 The couple also went through thick and thin together. When we talk about thick and thin, how can we miss the news of Anisa that made the headline? Anisa’s career had been through many rises and falls. Anisa was banned two times in her entire career. First, her account was banned on Twitch and was also banned from Reddit. Why was her account banned? The Twitch Account ban took place after she announced she would be selling her private photos through a subscription service, quick off the mark iDubbbz, being a defender who supported his lady love, on which people criticized him and called him a “simp”. Then, she was banned on Reddit due to a copywriting issue. 

We wish the best for iDubbbz, long live and prosper. Apart from this, he also made a viral diss track titled “Asian Jake Paul” with Boyinaband, which peaked at 24th on the US R&B/HH Digital Song Sales Chart under Billboard.

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